I'm on day, like... four? Of trying to import an old Yahoo! archive into a Gmail account.

There are over like two million messages to import. That's... quite a lot, but I think the importer might actually have crashed at some point, so... uuh...

@alis Yeah that seems to happen with very large archives :/ can you check the status of the import? A partial import is better than nothing, I guess.


@lj_writes Well, define "check", because there's really no way to know what, if any, messages are missing when you're talking about hand-sorting thousands of things.

I mean, I still have the original .mbox files so it's not like they're "gone". But getting things into a Gmail inbox would've been nice for things like searching, etc. So it's a nice-to-have not a have-to-have.

@alis Are there a lot of messages in the inbox now? Even if it's incomplete, searching and browsing these messages sounds like quite the trip down memory lane...+_+

@lj_writes Well I mean they're not my memories; it's for a community group I wasn't part of until (relatively) recently.

Mostly it's so we have records for the next time someone threatens to sue us... (Sadly an annual occurrence for Reasons I won't go into...)

@alis Oh, I thought it was in advance of the Yahoo! Groups deletions, but you have the .mbox file so I guess backup isn't a problem. Did your group migrate to another platform, if I may ask? Tabletop roleplaying theory and rules geeks were pretty active on Google+ until it folded, and I'm not sure the communities ever recovered though I did hear some of them moved to MeWe.

@lj_writes Yeah we're on Groups.io.

There is an option to import old Yahoo! stuff to G.io, but it requires a paid account so is quite pricey. Our group (which never has very much cash) decided against that so having an archive that can be referenced if required is the compromise position.

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