ME: (trying to explain Death Stranding) So it's like post-apocalyptic but the nuclear bombs are dead people. You have to use the shoulder triggers to keep your balance while your take this corpse, who's the president, to a crematorium up a mountain before she blows up Guillermo del Toro.

HIM: ... This is too complicated.

ME: You have a foetus in a jar that detects ghosts.

HIM: Nope. I'm out.

ME: (calling through the door) Also Hannibal is there! And Conan O'Brien!

@alis That sounds like Swan Song, but on acid.


@garpu It's like that crossed with an all-star triple-A version of QWOP for actual gameplay, yeah. o_O

Also Facebook Minecraft (you build things other players can use and give you "likes" for).

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