... holy crap apparently is one year old today?

Massive, massive 💜 to everyone who's made this wildly more successful than I'd imagined it would ever be!

@alis oh my gosh, time really flies! Congrats and thank you!!

@alis Oh gosh! I'm so glad I logged into Mastodon today and saw this toot 🎉 I love and it's given me a place to put thoughts I would never have shared in a different space. I love the friends that I've made here, and the fact that I've found a fandom space where I can just hang and be myself. Here's to another awesome year (and many more after that) 💜 💻

@alis Thanks for having us! I miss Dr. Doom though. Can I ask what happened to him?

@runpunkrun Nothing! He's still there, though some layout options hide him (I think he'll be hidden in single-column mode, as well as multi-column mode on smaller screens).

@alis Ah, he pops up if I go to full screen on my desktop. Good to know he's still there even if I can't see him. 📯

@alis I’ve really enjoyed being here. Thank you so much. 🤗

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