My husband bought this wine decanter and honestly it makes me feel Unsafe…

Um. Oh. Oh no.

I'm pretty sure I've seen that it was not at a wine shop.

@offtheball Look tbh its resemblance to That is probably in no small part why he bought it, lol.

(It is definitely for external use only, though...)

@alis Is it just me or can that thing only lie on its side? o_O Is there like a stand for it or something, like a drinking horn?

@alis So uh, if you push it does it roll around its point with the liquid sloshing inside? I am... both fascinated and horrified.

@alis ok i honestly would not trust that on my dinner table 😣

@lj_writes ... thankfully I think it's being given as a gift, so... not our problem any more!!!!

(We have a completely different ridiculous decanter for keepsies... but at least it has a flat base.)

@alis not a house with a young child or pets, I hope 🤞 I've seen some pretty wild decanter designs (U-shaped etc.) and been like more power to you, but I draw the line at *nothing* being vertical.

@lj_writes Haha no; no kids no pets.

The decanter we're keeping is a snake-style decanter, basically a knock-off of this: (much smaller, thankfully)

The one we gave to our other friends was a swan-style, like this but more of a loop:

@alis I stand corrected I did NOT see many wild designs, compared to what's out there. What is it about decantering that inspires these choices lmao

@lj_writes I mean the actual answer is they're basically art pieces, though they do have a practical function for the aeration of wine (which is why, coupled with removing lees, you decant in the first place).


@alis i thought this was some sort of pipe at first glance


@extinct That's almost legal where I live kinda ish!

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