Apparently the second season of THE TERROR is on Hulu and I binged five episodes in a row last night…

It’s good but I don’t think it’s quite as good as the first season? It doesn’t quite feel as… tight? Somehow? Though I reserve my right to change my opinion when the Reveal happens.

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Also, maybe this is just me, but some of the English dialogue of the Japanese-native speaking characters (mostly Takei’s character) feels… not quite right? Like it feels like someone who’s a native English speaker trying to imitate a native-Japanese speaker, rather than for e.g. following Japanese sentence construction but saying it in English (which IME is usually what causes “broken” speech in non-native speakers).

Obviously, not being a native Japanese speaker, this is just a gut feel I mostly get from working backwards from my own broken *Japanese* (which is usually fucked up because I construct sentences in English first, then try and translate them, which is… not how Japanese necessarily works), as well as experience from my non-native-English-speaking grandparents (whose first languages were Russian/Ukrainian), so… IDK. Could be totally off-base. But it has been bugging me.

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