... so I got sick of overpaying for mediocre haircuts in styles I don't like and just took the scissors to my own hair myself.

I can't decide whether it was a great decision or a terrible decision...

@alis I've been doing this for a while now

I favour the 'unicorn' method, but I have long hair, so it's almost foolproof.

@vamp I wanted more layering/shape around the face, which is... harder lol.

I'm pretty sure I like how it looks from the front, but figuring out the back is more difficult. D:

@alis yeah, unicorn + face shaping in one go is bad. I do my fringe afterwards if that's what I want.

@vamp @alis Huh, interesting. I haven't been to the hairdresser's in years because I don't really want a style to my hair and there have been times where it wound up shorter than I wanted. I cut my own fringe but the ends of my hair haven't been cut in ages.

I have a friend who cuts her own hair and the method she uses is to hold it out to the side and very slowly work her way around. But it sounds like a lot of work 😂

@alis I did this once with electric clippers and a Bic razor when I was in college. I didn’t have the money to go get a haircut, and the last haircut I’d had made the back of my hair look all mullety when it grew out, so I ended up... shaving the back of my neck. Way too high into my hairline. It was bad.

I don’t have a lot of natural self-control tbh

@alpine_thistle You had an undercut before they were cool! :P

@alis unfortunately I just had an uneven strip of pube-like stubble on the back of my head for a while 😬

@alpine_thistle I had a few of those when I was trying to teach hairdressers to do an A-line (once it was even a different color to the rest of my hair because the hairdresser did not, in fact, "get" what I was asking for)...

@alis once I found a hairdresser that wasn’t afraid to give me the dykey haircut I was asking for, I followed her through like six years and two salon changes (and counting). Now she texts me to see if I want any of the taxidermy she’s trying to get rid of.

@alpine_thistle Worth it for a good hairdresser, IMO.

/still cut up that her Good Hairdresser moved down the coat to be in a band like a decade ago D:

I made the hairstylist shriek in horror last week when I confessed to putting my hair in a ponytail and cutting straight across back when I was unemployed so... ehhhh? 🤷‍♀️

@alis even if the cut doesn't look great at least you didn't pay to have it not look great

@alis Well, if you're okay with being the victim of the learning curve, learning to cut your own hair sounds really cool.

I trim my hair, but it's almost waist-length and wavy, so that doesn't even compare.

@annathecrow Ngl I always did kinda wanna be a hairdresser. Like, in the sense that it would be cool to be able to give people cool haircuts (though I suspect actual salon work is... significantly less interesting).

@alis That was my approach with dyeing my hair, only I never actually got to the pay someone to do it stage because I looked at the cost and noped out of that

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