In other news I have now listened to every DARK COUNTRY album available on iTunes and can summarize every song in this genre as follows:

Devil's comin' (mmm hmmm hmmm)
Where is God?
No-one knows (mmm hmmm)
But the Devil's comin'
(evil harmonica solo)

... also I stg every second song is a cover of "Run On" which, honestly, as someone in an irreligious country who only knew this as being a 90s-era Moby hit was initially *very* confusing.

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... Aa-aa-and now I've fallen into the wild world of production music, specifically Extreme Music:

I kind of knew this was A Thing (it's basically "stock photos but music") thanks to a friend introducing me to Two Steps From Hell a few years back. But IDK I always find this facet of the music industry fascinating because I guess it's not particularly transparent to normies how it actually functions?

And also maybe because there's something... aesthetically jarring about how it doesn't really mesh with the popular concept of The Rockstar™️, i.e. as an individual artist whose brand is themselves?

(Even though that's nonsense given a lot of popular music nowadays is produced in more-or-less the same fashion, it's just less honest about it. And also that, like, musicians also have to eat and have reliable incomes and so on.)

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