Apropos of Discussions on Local, this is your periodic reminder that yes, I have a blog, and yes, it is on Fedi:


@alis @alis it's odd when I think about it that there aren't more federated blogs. Despite a few federate solutions being available I have never seen a blog on my feed or searches other than yours, only links to blogs, and actually I don't see yours on the tl either--I meant to follow but either it failed or I never figured out how.

@lj_writes If you click the name it will open in the Masto interface just like any other account.

Honestly, in most cases I prefer RSS (solely for the interface), but I still follow quite a few federated blogs here.

@lj_writes @alis @alis relatedly, I believe mastodon auto-truncates anything that self-describes as a ‘post’ instead of a ‘note’ (aka, ActivityPub’s longform vs shortform distinction)

so most of the blogs on the fediverse just show up as excerpts + a link regardless

@Satsuma @lj_writes This is one of the reasons I format posts as excerpt+link (and in the note format).

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