… this is not an acceptable number of nested quotation marks.

@jackivan88 If it makes you feel better, the author is absolutely definitely doing it to troll the reader.


in context, it is.

The County Clerk is quoting ole Doc Parker, who is quoting some city feller... dressed kinda flashy. So he's got him a RX for a mason jar of morphine.... Kinda funny looking prescription writ out on toilet paper.

@alis As Talking Heads said, "And you may tell yourself, "These are not my beautiful nested quotation marks!" And you may tell yourself, "This is not my beautiful period!"

Is it sad that I'm pleased to see proper nesting that switches between double and single instead of the casual double in double I see all over the internet?

@kissmeagainarthas I mean... no (properly formatted type is important!).

Buuuuuuuut... it is also a professionally published novel that's been in print for over sixty years, in multiple editions and languages and movie, so they've certainly had the time and resources to have gotten it right by now!

Considering how many professionally published books I've screamed “Who the fuck edited this?” at, I still tend to be surprised when things are correct.

@kissmeagainarthas So like the actual answer to that, particularly for anything published in the last few decades, is that most copyediting and even some editing jobs have been outsourced to casualized freelancers, and production timelines in general have been massively shortened. So less time + less eyeballs = more mistakes in final products.

Plus something that's been in print for decades has had a lot more time and print runs to get things "right".

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