DM: *tries sacrificing a party member to a weird cult ritual*
ME, A DRUID: I infiltrate the building as a spider, drop onto the floor in the middle of the ritual room, turn into a goat, and try and wreck up as much shit as possible.
DM: …
DM: …
DM: I’m… gonna need everyone to take a five minute break while I figure out how to react to that.

(Also the fact that regular, normal-sized spiders in DnD can dash for 40 ft. a turn will never not be hilarious.)

Update: The cult’s “god” (basically a minor extra-planar of Law) teleported us into the town square to try and get the townspeople to stop us attacking it. I got to kill it next turn by casting Moonbeam and shouting, “No gods no masters!” like a giant cloven-hoofed anarchist Sailor Moon.

@alis Weird moment when I misred that as "cute god"

@herdivineshadow That would've resulted in a seduction scene rather than a fight, probably...

@alis this pretty much happened word for word in a recent game! 🤣

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