"What did you do tonight Alis?"

Well, I downloaded a new sudoku app and stayed up past my bedtime listening to sick beats and playing sudoku like a giant fukkin nerd.

@AShiOu one of the greatest days of my life was realising sudoku was just about identifying patterns, not actually about maths u_u

@alis agkskgdgjs right??? once you get the patterns down, you can just lose yourself and mindlessly do sudoku after sudoku.

@alis I stayed up past my bedtime doing spring cleaning on my PC. I deleted over 100 gigs of crap.

I think I might be a Digital Horder.

Ahhh, well. Off to download horror podcasts, libevox audio books, and a few dozen CC TTRPGs that I'll never read, ahead install a bunch of huge games I'll play for an hour and then forget have.


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