In other news yesterday I had to catch the bus into town for an eye test and as I was sitting down I jostled my ear with my coat collar and my Air Pod popped out and bounced out the bus door just as it closed and the bus drove away.

So that sucked.

And since I was in town anyway I figured oh well may as well go to the Apple Store and get a new one, so I did. I didn't buy the Air Pods myself in the first place so, eh. Could've been worse.

Anyway on the way home, several hours later, I decided I may as well scour the road near the original bus stop and see if I could find the smashed-up remains of my original Air Pod.

As it turned out, I couldn't... until I turned around and saw that someone had picked it up, and left it neatly on the armrest of the bus stop seat.

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So basically tl;dr big shout-out to whomever rescued my Air Pod and all the people all day who just politely left it for me to come back to find later.

Anyway, now I have two left Air Pods which of course means the next time I lose one it's definitely going to be the right...

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Also big shout out to the Apple Store dude, with whom I had this conversation:

HIM: (opening the replacement Air Pod box, watching as it slo o o o o o o o o o wly sides open in That Way of Apple Product Unboxings) Yeah man I know they do this deliberately for like the anticipation or whatever---

ME: But it's kinda a pain when it's just a spare part and you need to open like a thousand of them a day, huh?

HIM: Yuuuuup.

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