One of the things that's always baffled me in fic is people talking about "luxurious flannel sheets".

Flannel sheets are, like. Super cheap sheets, here? "Luxurious sheets" would pretty much exclusively be really high thread-count cotton sheets?

@alis yeah flannel sheets are p cheap here too so i’ve always been baffled as well

@Satsuma Like... I get it if it's in the context of, like, "this is my comfy childhood bed and I'm exhausted and need a sook" or whatever. But it always seems to turn up as, like, in the context of fancy rich people or expensive hotel suites and it's like... ???

@alis yeah its weird! Sometimes fandom just passes turns of phrase around without actually ever really thinking about them i guess

@Satsuma "let out a breath he hadn't known he'd been holding"
"toed off his shoes"
"tongues battled for dominance"
and now
"luxurious flannel sheets"

@alis @Satsuma I will go to bat for "toed off his shoes" it's a thing I do all the time and it's descriptive and I've seen no other good way to describe it

@Rionnal @Satsuma I do it too, which is why I've always found it bizarre that it's a phrase that apparently doesn't really exist outside of fanfic!

@alis I get sweaty when I sleep so flannel sheets are like the opposite of luxurious to me. I'm already moist and annoyed thinking about it

@alpine_thistle @alis my jammies always get static clingy to flannel sheets, so I wake up stuck in my own clothes when I try to roll over. my very own bedtime jail!

they're on a long list of things and ideas that are nice in theory, terrible in practice.

@alis I suppose silk sheets might be luxurious?

Satin sheets are fun if you wanna slide right off the bed at any given moment.

But flannel? I mean, I love them in the winter, but they don't scream luxury, no. Nor do Jersey Sheets, which are my preference.

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