In other news my Dad constantly refers to wifi as "wiffy" and it's like...

Dad. Dad I love you but no.

What're the chances he's doing it on purpose to cause you mild psychic damage?

@kissmeagainarthas I lol'd, but also zero. :P

He really does just pronounce it that way, bless.

Ooh, maybe it's like people who say sci-fi as 'skiffy' (whether in jest or to denigrate the genre)? 🤔

Well, he sounds... fuck, I should probably try to translate to Australian so I don't accidentally insult your whole family but I don't know the sliding scale for terminology.

No sarcasm American meaning: like a delightful person.

@kissmeagainarthas Lol.

Dad is great, just, a) extremely stubborn, b) extremely deaf, and c) old enough that he's getting problems with short-term memory. So "wiffy" it will forever be. :P

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