Love it when the aquarium filter's flow stop valve thingie doesn't work and I have to panic scream "GET THE BUCKET!!! GET THE BUUUUUUCKEEEEEEET!!!!" across the house to my deaf husband before the entire 220L tank empties itself out onto the floor.

Ironically this was prompted by trying to do some maintenance rather than buying a whole new filter but, uh... Maybe...

Got maybe a liter onto the carpet but thankfully not under the tank itself (or the bookshelves!) so it was easy to deal with with the wet vac.

And I know you're not "supposed" to but I took the opportunity to fully disassemble and wash all the filter components. I've been getting a lot of mulm buildup and the filter being full of, like, clay mud from the disintegrating aquasoil probably wasn't helping. So that's all sparkly clean now, and the Purigen is refreshing, and... we'll see.

Anyway now we get to play the super-duper fun "did I reconnect all the hoses correctly or is the library going to flood?" game.

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