spn finale discourse is giving me serious torchwood flashbacks

eleven years and nothing changes i guess?


i mean say what you like about hannibal but at least they knew how to do the whole big gay ambiguous death finale thing...

@alis is there actually earnest discourse lol? All the people i follow are just going "HAHA IT WAS BAD"

@alpine_thistle Yeah, mostly around people who felt it dealt badly with narrative arcs (Dean died pointlessly on a hunt despite that being kind of his Big Fear; Sam raised his son as a hunter despite hating that John did that to them), the misogyny (why was Sam's wife some rando faceless woman and not, like, his girlfriend whom one assumes he was pleased got un-dead'd despite us never seeing that?), and weird saccharine Christian "life is suffering and Heave is awesome" trope reversal.

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