I just read the phrase "historically egalitarian Norse cultures" and I'm not sure if you can die of Galaxy Brain but Ii think I'm about to find out...


Spoiler Alert tho just because a non-Christian society's shittiness didn't 100% line up with Historically Christian shittiness did not mean it was "egalitarian" like holy hells people.

@alis people have a frustratingly hard time with ideas like "women have had different levels of autonomy in different parts of their lives in different times and places" as opposed to like an on-off "sexist society" button lol

@alpine_thistle I also think it's part of the whole Manichean thinking thing; Christianity is Bad because Sexism and Homophobia, and the Vikings Weren't Christian and had different attitudes to gender and sexuality and therefore those attitudes must be Good.

And it's like... uh. No.

(See also: Why I hate all those "Odin, God of Queers~!" takes so much. D:)

@alis yet another example of Radical Online Thinkers just being... cultural Christians with dyed hair lol.

Rape, Todd Aken 

@alis I quietly fume every time somebody talks about how the Early Modern English and Scottish thought women needed to orgasm to conceive, and so female sexual pleasure (within marriage) was encouraged and validated. This is always treated as soooo progressive. No, it wasn't. It's the same logic behind Todd Aken's whole: "If it's legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down," schtick. It's differently misogynistic than the Victorians, not less so.

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