Apparently the Parler assholes are flooding into fedi? Mostly Gab but there are allegedly a bunch of new instances being set up and I’ve been getting a non-zero number of… suspicious interactions from places like .social.

FWIW I defederate from asshole platforms (and some accounts) as soon as I know of them, but I’m not omniscient, so if you’re seeing… suspicious activity from places please let me know ASAP.

@Gargron Can people still generate invite codes?

@Gargron I know it’s a tough balance to get so… good luck to the mod team in the next couple of days. 😬


@alis How do you determine if a platform is an "asshole" platform? What are the rules to fediralisation or not? Bit weird that people would be forced to only use certain platforms, right? You'll have assholes on every platform...

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