Today in "random songs I've had stuck in my head for the last week for no reason":


@alis God, my high school girlfriend and I were so, so obsessed with Saiyuki. I think I still have a like, 15 year old copy of this mp3 on my computer. : ' D I so desperately wanted to draw like Minekura and make ~*EFFORTLESSLY COOL MEN CHARACTERS*~ like her


@mitochondriart A friend bought me a poster of it back from Japan in the late 90s because he knew I liked anime. I had it up in my room for years before I finally saw an episode of LOVE HINA where they're putting on a Journey to the West beach play that it clicked to me it what it was.

To this day I've never watched/read the full series...

@alis I don't know how well it would hold up now-- there's definitely some stuff I remember being iffy even then. But all the music still makes me smile...

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