Also I know there are more important things going on there right now but why does Houston look like when they give spiders drugs and make them spin webs?

@alis beltway/spoke layouts are convenient, and expanding cities keep busting their belts.

I used to live in Indianapolis, which has one beltway and most of the spokes stop or get a lot smaller on the inside of the belt. They've been debating for maybe decades now whether they should build a second partial beltway, but it's complicated by the fact that they'd want to make it a toll road, and outside of greater Chicago, Indiana doesn't have tollways.

@tparadox (Psst my entire family are civil engineers.)

@tparadox @alis Oh lordie, I-465... My memory of riding the loop is pleasant enough, but trying to go downtown was a nightmare of road construction. Literally every time.

That map doesn't do Houston's roads any justice. They spool out and weave through each other like server wires, and I'm so glad that I wasn't the one driving when I had to ride through on the way to San Antonio, 'cause it sent me into a panic attack as it was, lawl. I've never experienced anything like it.

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