Woo! Guess who never has to grind Thousand Maws ever again~!

I thought I was done and nearly got ready to celebrate last night… until I realised I’d totally forgotten about Dark Knight. I can see why people like it (it’s pew pew flashy in a way Paladin and Warrior aren’t), but it’s very “heavy” in a way I’m not sure I like (even though technically it has the same GCD as everyone else). :ffxiv_drk:

For the healing classes, I’m liking Astrologian more than White Mage (which is just kind of… “meh” bland). I also did one run on my Scholar, just to try it (I’ve only ever played it for reals once, to do a Trial I found *really* stressful and kinda fucked up), and… I like it a lot? The instant regen plus pet autoheal takes out a lot of the fussy micromanagement that WHM in particular can have.

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