@alis I don’t fully understand blockchain or NFTs and even I know that’s a silly claim blaming it on Tumblr

@caycepollard They didn’t like people reblogging art without attribution, is the excuse. 🤷🏼‍♀️

@alis Huh. I kind of understand, but it’s a lazy argument and not an elegant solution.

@alis What a weird article. So he's basically saying.... the reason NFTs don't have an actually good method of proving ownership is because they "ran out of time". And never had the opportunity to refine that in the several years they were supposedly trying to popularise the concept? And the environmental issues, yes, very bad, but definitely not this guy's fault at all. He was just a regular guy who wanted to help artists and had no idea tech companies were exploitative... in 2014.

ok dude

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