Legit seeing Mac takes that are like “the current Macs removing USB ports is totes different to when they removed floppies! That was in response to the deprecation of the technology!” and it’s like… oh precious babies, no. No no no. It was not. Floppy discs were ubiquitous when Apple removed the drives from the original iMacs and they were *widely* mocked in the tech press. Ditto for when they took the CD drives out of MacBooks.

Like… I don’t really care what your hot takes are on whether these moves were “good” or not,* but, like. Stop making shit up about them.

* Full disclosure: I own three laptops and exactly zero of them have Ethernet ports, and it’s been an issue maybe once, five years ago. Ditto with the lack of CD drives. My current MacBook’s lack of USB-A ports was mildly annoying in that I had to go out an purchase a $20 adapter I use maybe twice a year.


The point here is that Apple has like a twenty year history of removing support for deprecating-but-not-deprecated technology and mostly getting away with it, because their customers mostly don’t care. (Mostly, not always; Apple doesn’t always get it right but people tend to forget the risks they take that don’t pay off for them more than the ones that do, which is part of the weird distortion field Apple extrudes. Remember FireWire? Of course you don’t.)

@alis "remember firewire" I do, and I'm still mad, and it's why I didn't trust thunderbolt when it came out, and I was right.

I bought my last macbook in 2011 and asked the guy at the store, does it have USB 3? no, he said, but it has thunderbolt, which will be the actual standard. the next year's model had two USB 3 ports but no CD drive, so idk.

are they pulling some "thunderbolt but it's actually USB C" crap now?? I had to get out of their hardware echo chamber because damn.

@alis I still have that macbook and it still works pretty well, actually. going for that expensive RAM upgrade turned out great in the end, even if I paid out the nose for it. it's the only thing in my house the still has a disk drive 🤔

@izzy At least Thunderbolt and USB-C have the same physical interface. :P

Apple always has Betamax Syndrome on stuff like this; FireWire and Thunderbolt actually were/are technically “better”, it’s just they never got widespread adoption outside of the Apple ecosystem. 🤷🏼‍♀️

@alis I feel like I remember these things about Apple because I get irrationally* annoyed at them and won't use their products

* or actually, rationally? Or like JUST ANNOYED and that's enough?

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