So a few weeks ago my baking friend, who was off work, asked what kind of bread I'd like and joking I said "croissants" (he'd made them once before so it wasn't totally out-of-the-blue).

And tl;dr in the last two weeks we've gotten three batches that have gone from "delicious but obviously homemade" to "looks like it came straight from the artisanal bakery after winning gold at the Croissant Olympics."


Joking-but-not-jokingly said friend sent my husband pictures of pre-made butter sheets as a "if you want more croissants buy me these" so that's how we ended up buying $80 of butter.

(Sheet butter is expensive, and expensive to ship, and croissants use more butter than you're probably comfortable knowing, so $80 of butter doesn't go as far as you might expect...)

@alis i need to try making croissants. I bet I could do it, but yeast dough can smell fear

@alpine_thistle They're very fiddly (for the laminating) and they take several days (for the proofing). For reference, my friend has a PhD in organic chemistry.

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