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So here's my (a har) beef with the worldbuilding in this game.

So there's this hucow sidequest (yes, really... well sort of) about a serial killer nicknamed Peter Pan who abducts teenage boys on the cusp of adulthood (aside: this game is T E R R I F I E D of non-straight/-"macho" male sexuality, though that's another rant entirely) who you have to go investigate for Reasons.

cyberpunk 2077, griping, spoilers, videogame animal cruelty 

You use your magic psychometry powers ("braindance editing") to learn that said killer grew up on a cattle ranch with an abusive father. Apparently cattle ranching in 2077's world is done by physically restraining cows so they can't move and force-feeding them hormones/antibiotics through a gimp suit hood that's basically just there for shock value and/or because someone on the dev team was a vegan.

cyberpunk 2077, griping, spoilers, videogame animal cruelty 

(Also, despite this, the cows just... look like normal cows? Like you'd see wandering around on a pasture? This game does NOT think any of this shit through, man.)

It turns out he's using his ~traumatic past~ to, like, abduct teens and restrain/feed them like the cows, and it's EXTREMELY HEAVILY IMPLIED he's doing this to keep them young/immortal/whatever.

So... like Peter Pan, right? Hence the nickname.

cyberpunk 2077, griping, spoilers 

Except... *he already has the nickname before you learn any of this.*

And it's just... come ON, guys. Seriously? There's foreshadowing and there's just lazy fucking writing? Like wtaf?

cyberpunk 2077, spoilers 

OTOH I do like the nice touch that while you're doing said braindance, Johnny doesn't show up because this time another NPC is watching you.

OT*O*OH this is 100% because the game does not trust you to figure out braindances by yourself (they're basically pixel hunt/hidden object minigames), and always has an NPC holding your hand through them. (Actually, I does this for basically every quest that's not straight-up shooting people.)

cyberpunk 2077, spoilers 

Speaking of Johnny, there's another quest very early on, close to when you first encounter him, that has you shouting at him in a diner. The background NPCs all turn to look at you and Johnny makes a quip about how you don't have to talk to you out loud. Har har.

Except... this is a world wherein LITERALLY EVERYONE makes phonecalls by talking out loud through a chip in their brain. People shouting at no one is just... a totally normal expected experience?

cyberpunk 2077, spoilers 

I get that it's handwaving how you can "talk" to him in front of other NPCs without those NPCs overhearing--though sometimes they comment that you've spaced out--but... still.

See also: When you do the introductory braindance quest and V acts like he's never experienced one before when, like. These are just the world's equivalent to videogames/films? V has magazines about them in his house!

This is what I mean about the worldbuilding being so frustratingly shallow.

cyberpunk 2077, spoilers 

Also for a dude who's plot problems are 100% caused by plugging random USB drives into his head, V is *really* way way too casual about plugging random USB drives into his head. Every time an NPC hands me one I wince. Like... V what are you doing, man??! Do you want more brain ghosts!!? Because this is how you got brain ghosts!!!


cyberpunk 2077, spoilers 

One more while I'm thinking about it: So there's a major subplot in the game about "cybersychosis", which is basically 2077's version of DRAGON AGE's Abominations. I.e., you do too much magic/"cyberware" and you go crazy and kill people. Ableist as hell but, okay fine.

So 2077 has a bunch of stuff about people trying to find the causes of and treatments for cyberpsychosis. You even get involved in a bunch!

cyberpunk 2077, spoilers 

Ee-ee-eexcept if you're particularly good at hacking and/or crafting, you will already have a spell ("quickhack") called, literally, Cyberpsychosis that, literally, allows you to inflict cyberpsychosis on any enemy you feel like it (it's basically a berserk/confuse spell that makes enemies hostile to their own team).

And of course you... never mention this? Because gods forfend this game has any kind of gameplay-story integration.

cyberpunk 2077, spoilers 

Compare and contrast for e.g. something like NEW VEGAS (which this game cribs off, hard), which is very, *very* good at that sort of thing.

2077... is not. Almost to the point where if the end of the game is you suddenly waking up realizing that you've actually been playing Johnny in a simulation thinking he was V talking to Johnny the whole game, thus "explaining" all the discrepancies, I would not be surprised.

cyberpunk 2077, spoilers 

(Particularly because that would be cribbed straight out of PREY and/or SAINT'S ROW IV, which would 100% be 2077's style.)

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