So I have been reminded that we have a lot of public BBQs in parks here in my city, which is apparently not that common.

A little while ago, Mum told me the story of why we have these: basically one of her friends at the time was hired into the local government department dealing with community spaces.

Friend had basically lied on her CV about the level of experience she had in the field, and found herself very out of her depth with people expecting her to be The Expert in a job she had, quite honestly, NFI about.

When they came to her asking for her proposal to increase usage of public land, she basically just blurted out the first thing she could think of, i.e. putting BBQs in all the public parks.

This was like forty-something years ago and, to this day, they build new public parks in my city with BBQs in them that anyone can use. It's been super freakin' successful.

Basically, tl;dr don't underestimate the power you can (sometimes inadvertently) wield as a relatively junior civil servant in local government.


Relatedly, one of my friend's mum's spent the last decade or so getting a PhD in increasing the use of public land and if you've noticed a lot more things like community art spaces have appeared in Wollongong over the last decade or so?

Yeah. That was her.

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