Playing SWORDS OF LEGENDS while I wait for to come back online and, ngl, I l mostly just like the double jump animations.


Also yeah stroooooooomg recommendation to change this game’s language to Chinese because, yikes. The English voice acting is… not… great.

(Lol at the, like, super working class British accent they gave the Bard, though. To demonstrate what a “low-class hedonist” she is, I guess???)

@alis I am trying to think of all the accents that would be good for this (basically anything not RP I guess??) and like, maybe the Mancunian accent could really work for this but in an 80s-90s raving at the Hacienda context

@herdivineshadow Oh no it’s definitely RP in the “daddy is away on business I’m so boooooooored *swoons*” way:

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