Thanks to a shitty viral tweet about cryptocurrency I finally realized that the "metal gear" in "Metal Gear Solid" is, in fact, referring to a specific thing called a "metal gear" and is not, in fact, just a "cool words name or whatever" like I'd previously assumed.

Legit the only thing I know about those games are:
- hide in the box
- nerfed ass
- Adjective Animal
- plug the controller into the other slot
- ladder (long)
- gay baby adoption something maybe?

And the secret "fuck you Konami" level, because I watched a video about it once during DEATH STRANDING speculation mania.

@alis the only other thing you need to know is that there are so dude fans who are in denial about the gay stuff that it's become its own injoke. the two guys with the adopted daughter is the least of it, we have had 14 years of people insisting that two men kissing isn't gay

@alis eventually someone turned 200 Youtube comments about how men kissing in Metal Gear is definitely not gay into a print on demand t-shirt

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