tfw you learn a notorious online drama monger has for years worked at the literal most toxic company you're ever had the misfortune to encounter and all you can think of, "lol yea that fits"

It's a weapons manufacturer, incidentally. I worked there for eight months a few years back and it was the actual worse job I've ever had. Since leaving, it's become clear to me that I got off "lightly" in what I experienced there, relatively speaking.

I've written a non-zero number of fictional rants from the mouths of fictional characters inspired by my time there; mostly monologues about the sort of cognitive disconnect it takes for, in particular, people who see themselves as "progressives" to survive in that sort of job. It's... not pretty, what that does to you.

And yeah, there's no ethical employment under capitalism. Sure. And yet...

@alis The most maddening part for me is that some people believe that the company gave this poor little person a makework job out of because they were too disabled to work elsewhere. Ummm yeah sure the most ruthless company on earth was just being kind and nice. please if you work for a company like that it's because they find your work profitable to them. I keep TWSing over how the fuck people would not get this.

@thene I mean tbf there are a LOT of self-licking-ice-cream jobs in that company (as in most big companies), and the job in question definitely sounds like one. But nepotism hires aren't being done for charity, either (and, like, broadly the structural answer to "supporting people with disabilities" is not "hoping daddy is rich", so...).

@alis RIGHT i blocked them years ago for a reason.

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