Given that we've only got pot plants on a balcony, how did spring gardening take me all afternoon and result in three giant trash bags of green waste?

Also, bamboo? In *this* climate?

(It so nice when it's green, though, but... yeah. So messy. And so not the climate for it...)

@alis At least it's in pots. I see some around the neighbourhood yards, which makes me wonder just how masochistic some people are (and also makes me feel murderous).

@Elizabeth_Fitz Probably clumping bamboo, which basically just stays where you put it (as opposed to running bamboo, which is the very invasive sort)?

@alis Some of the stuff I see around is definitely running. But clumping makes good sense for pots.

@Elizabeth_Fitz ngl I have three different types of clumping bamboo on the balcony, lol

… I just really like bamboo.

@alis Sometime soon I'd like to visit so you can show me what you have.

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