this is the sort of thing I have to deal with I stg

til there is an animal called an Arabian Sand Boa and it looks like

There is a power point right next to this recliner and aw yis so much fishing in FFXIV is going to be getting done…

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Nothing says “private island with my five friends” like Aesop brand hand sanitiser.

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In other news our friends’ four-year-old very excitedly got me (read: the local goth wine aunt) this for Hallowe’en:

Aw yis streaming from my PC to my Mac to play with a PS3 controller so I can level Fishing from the beach at the resort we’re going to next week.

… guess which one I just put my fingers in trying to get a Malteaser?

when you need to make ghosts tell the truth

Also this is the most fourth-wall-breaking line of dialogue ever and I feel personally attacked.

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ME: (googles "心")

WIKIPEDIA PAGE: Radical 61 meaning "heart" is one of--

ME: Wait.
ME: ... Wait.

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