So some of you may have already noticed we've updated to Mastodon v2.7. This release has a bunch of new features, the main one being the directory:

Inclusion in the directory is opt-in; to do go to and enable the option.

The dog has discovered he likes sleeping on the DDR machine because… the steel is cool, I guess?

Also what even is my life?

Guess who went to the groomer and is now a fluffbutt? (And also still impossible to photograph…)

I'd forgotten how, like. Ridiculously extra you can make characters in CHAMPIONS ONLINE...

Big shout-out to this typo, that's managed to survive over a decade of not being fixed. 👍

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Got this bastard laughing at us through the in-laws’ kitchen window this morning…

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Anyway. I did a dungeon for this girl. For, like. The first time since Wrath. 🤷

when you always manage to find the most outraged take on every issue

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