So my croissant-making friend has moved on to pan au chocolate…

Anyway, and more importantly, I Fantasia'd in so it is now MILF Simulator XIV.

… did I go out and buy a set of glass teacups to go with my glass teapot, purely because the local tea shop started selling peaflower tea?

Uh. Duh.

Evie, a horse girl, reviewing Microsoft PowerPoint on the Apple Store.

So I hit 80 on :ffxiv_dnc: DNC about halfway through the ShB storyline, and not wanting to "waste" the leveling XP, it's time to put that on hold while I catch up my old main, :ffxiv_smn: SMN.

Been doing it by leveling :ffxiv_sch: SCH and... it took me a while to get into the groove of it, but I think I kinda like it?

Also I get to dress like a frumpy librarian, so...

In other news I just ate this for breakfast and it was A Mistake.

... okay for a fight with a lot of Mechanics that was actually pretty easy.

Anyway... Done. Woo!

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Also, my husband bought these pens for his dad and brother, who’re both engineers. The body of the pen is made from concrete (said family members specialise in treating concrete cancer in industrial situations) and it weighs like a tonne and kind of physically hurts to hold. Writes nicely, though.

Obsessed with saving Eorzea in ripped jeans and casual clothes...


Now time to go farm primals for weapons for a bit...

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