Finished the rough first build of my little cottage.

Still a few pieces missing, but most of the need components from Voyages, so I'll porbably have to wait for the server to get a bit more mature for them to become available.

Also I rotated that tree so it's not covering the door any more (lol)...

Obviously the first thing I used the Lain paperdoll for was dressing him up in his previous incarnation's previous incarnation's clothes...

Aah, yes. In the "anatomy practice" stage of the paper doll.

... also how the hell did this loser's character design get somehow *worse* to draw in the last, like, twenty-five years?

I re-read some old stuff and… Wyrdverse AU? Oooh yeah it is boi.

… like, legit. It’s full dark and this is taken with just an iPhone (twenty second exposure, sitting on a flat surface pointing up for stability).

… The iPhone’s night photo mode is legit, hey.

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