Peak Bougie is being given a cup of cold lemon water and Kafka quotes to sip while you wait for the clerk to come sell you hand cream.

Looking up pinyin pronunciation help again and

My husband bought this wine decanter and honestly it makes me feel Unsafe…

Asses of Corellia.

Also it only just occurs to me I've been getting Corellia and Coruscant mixed up this whole time...

extreme adult content 

Sith Warrior storyline: Complete! (Unlike this sketch because… ugh markings.)

I’m a sucker for Lawful Evil so I enjoyed it a lot; I played aggressively unaligned (I had like nearly 10,000/-10,000 by the end), romanced no one (because… ugh), and slept with every NPC the game would let me sleep with.

Next up: Trooper!

nsw fires 

climate crisis, nsw fires 

Ngl if Dromund Kaas was real and not full of murderous space Nazis I'd totally live there...

(Also yes I tried so, so hard to play Jedi Knight but got up to Alderaan before giving up and re-rolling Juggernaut. I really liked the aesthetics and playstyle of my Sentinel but oh gods the storyline is such a snooze.)

… these are kinda fun.

Also I need to buy a new scanner.

In more exciting news, if you’ve ever wanted to see one kilogram of tungsten, here you go:

Anyway, tl;dr have a doodle of my Agent (she married Vector, hence the bugs) and my to-play-next dark side Jedi Knight…

pareidolia body horror 

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