tfw Google Translate is set to the wrong language but gives an amazing answer anyway

HIM: "More like a pterodactont!"

... wow I can't believe I used to main heal you in raids smdh

... I'm pretty sure this character has been nearly every race in the game that can be a druid (minus the Highmountain Tauren) and I'm not even sorry bro.

Fuck yes good fucking bye shitty Mechasnore 5eva.


Only the dinotrolls to go and I will have unlocked aaaaaaaaaall the Horde Allied Races... though I have to re-play the entire War Campaign to get there. (Fortunately I've already got the rep from when I did the grind Alliance-side before transferring...)

TFW you faction change ONE (1) Nazjatar map reveal away from getting Pathfinder and didn't bother to check that so now have to run aaaaaaaaaaallll over the freakin' map doing quests to get back there.

... Also yes I am weak but I had a dream I played WoW and then I wanted to play WoW and this is how the bad guys win.

Tonight In The Group Chat a friend pointed out Hermann Rorschach (yes, the inkblot guy) looked like Brad Pitt and Cannot Unsee:

articles about bdsm on wikipedia, nothing particularly risque just lolz 

So there's a photo of cock and ball torture on the Sadomasochism page at Wikipedia, taken outside at the Folsom Street Fair, and I've been laughing at the expressions on the faces of the bystanders for like five minutes.

[photo SFW]

... so a couple of hours of procrastination later and

wikipedia is amazing you can't change my mind

... I can never play another game on Steam ever again.

So my husband bought these weird ice moulds and I opened one and

Well. I finished off my lazy-round map complete on my Necro (basically doing everything that didn't need a jumping puzzle, etc.), and... uh. Now what?

Seriously this dude is fukkin' feeling the WRATH, man.

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