… why is Swarovski making a goatse bracelet?

ME: Hey, you know what? I should totally catch the bus to work then walk home! That’ll be awesome!



And bureaucrats are shown as harried and over-extended… but they also do care about people. (Which, y’know… they also, like. Are. Even when they’re sentient gasses. Or demons. Or fish people. Maybe especially then.)

Not to mention it also addresses structural inequality?


Propagating new ferns in the office for fun and oxygen.

Down to our last day on the UNNATURAL ORDER Kickstarter and s o o o o close to our $4k stretch goal!

If you want some sweet sweet monster stories, electronic copies of the anthology start at the $5 tier, with everything from books to pins to adorably fluffly tentacle monster plushies above that.


Oh gods I got the thing that turns you into a mimic in and WHY WOULD I EVER LOOK LIKE ANYTHING ELSE?????

Replaying LW Season 2 and being reminded by I never replay LW Season 2...

(Seriously everyone involved in the creation of Dry Top needs to be f i r e d. It's less awful nowadays with gliding and mounts, but the quest instances---where those aren't available---are a reminder of why these maps were s o m u c h n o.)

Haven't played Guardian in for aa-aa-ages, but I'm enjoying my Cheesecake Angel Norn lady.

And shields! I never use shields but... it's kinda fun, actually?

So, like... Thief is the one class I've never really been "into", I think because of the way it played at lower levels.

And then, like, I had a dumb idea and burnt a birthday level-up scroll and uuuh like a day later I maxed the Deadeye wheel and tl;dr Deadeye is really kinda op, hey?

Shoutout to the worst ligature in any font ever!

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