Jumping back into PATH OF EXILE on my level 60ish character, after not having played in a few years (!), and immediately hitting the "accept passive skill refresh" button without thinking about it made for... an interesting reintroduction to the game...

Anyway now that I’ve eaten way too much cookie dough and feel sick, time to wash down the sugar with some tea.

Being at home all day and it being close to winter means I’m going through a lot. When I went to buy more, the tea shop guy told me I was the first customer he’d had in five days.

… I hope your shop survives, tea shop guy.

He also gave me these as well as my regular oolong. I have no idea what they are, so… it’s a teaventure!


Guess who did his bit for the economy by going to the (safely socially distant) dog groomer yesterday?

Looking through my old high school sketchbooks and found this guy. I was studying old Maoist propaganda art for a project and… I still quite like how this turned out.


Fun with markers (and drawing Lain as a Pokémon trainer for some reason).

... ooh I got to use the new announcement feature. How exciting!

... ah yes I see now that I am playing le Final Fantasy game.

... gasp you big traitor!

Also I'm kinda into the way they made, like, the protagonist from the intro movies the antagonist in this arc. It's clever.

... also I can't believe it's taken me this long to think of turning all the ridiculous visual effects filter options on during cutscenes.


covid-19 adjacent, home office 

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