"Excuse us. We noticed you're blocking third-party JavaScript* so please complete this third-party JavaScript-driven CAPTCHA in order to access our site."

lol tab closed.

* I allow first-party JavaScript, so it's not "you're blocking JavaScript" it's "you're blocking our ad ~partners'~ JavaScript"...

In other news, since restoring my phone blasted Love Nikki I had to go hunt for a new mobile game to fidget with and tl;dr now I’m addicted to DRAGALIA LOST.

Also, I gatcha’d Nyarlathotep.

We made it, guys! The evil has been defeated!

Y'all newbies need to calm tf down with your shitposting. This isn't Twitter, and you're overloading the server for our other users...

At the part in CAPITAL where Marx is talking about poor food access amongst the working classes but the translation uses the word “scanty” to describe it so all I can think of is:

I do actually kind of want to read the book it's based on, now. But, more importantly...

... the theme song is sung by Boy George wtaf?

"Hm. Haven't booted this VM up in a while... better update it."

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