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Aw, Sexy Skyrim, no!

RIP Sexy Skyrim. I'll never be able to recreate your mod load order!

… there’s a king of hearts stuck to the ceiling in this restaurant.

Excellent. Now I can go back to NEVER DOING ANOTHER FUCKING DUNGEON EVER AGAIN,* just like nature intended...

* Until I have to go unlock the fucking trolls...


When you’re one of the zombies from THE LAST OF US but also fashion conscious.

Presents the Hubby brought back from <s>the war</s> New York.

Today in: “sketchbook next to the computer sketches”…

Can confirm Last Train was significantly easier in its SWL incarnation, though that's probably got more to do with the fact my current computer runs it at more than like 10 FPS.

Also: I still can't dodge those fucking signs (though I'm convinced this is like only 30% me and like 70% the game's clunky double-tap implementation)...

OTOH we've entered the TIME TOMB so that means it's time for our totally appropriate and not at all offensively fanservicey Ye Olde Egyptian historical ~disguise~.

(Not pictured: Kopesh sword skin, because apparently my weapon appearances didn't transfer to SWL and I don't have the Marks to re-buy it...)

So I'm really not sure what I feel about the Egypt changes in SWL. On the one hand, the expanded narrative does integrate the zone better, but on the other, parts of it feel... really rushed (e.g. cutscenes from the re-purposed Last Train to Cairo, which was formerly an endgame quest chain, now reference things you haven't done yet).

Completely undeserved slander against my Louvre homie Akhenaten aside, this still is one of my favorite "reveal" vistas in a game.

Yo dawg. I herd you like games, so I put a game in your game so you can play a game while you play a game.

TFW you can only do your quest in the daytime and your game's clock is still firmly stuck at 03:36.

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