Because now that I can actually shout about this, good look getting me to shut up:


prison-industrial complex adjacent 

... but seriously tho how could you say no? H O W ?

Gets sick of grinding for flying in one MMO, immediately start grinding for flying in another.

... never have I related harder to a woman in a science fiction text.

nge, spoilers, body horror 

Aa-aa-and anthology mascot number two!

Lighting sources? Lol wut.

Honestly, I don't know why I would've expected anything else from an organization that would accuse Mozilla of being an "internet villain" for trying to facilitate privacy.

Trying to work our reward tiers for the monster anthology kickstarter and

The most important part of preparing to launch a submissions call for a new monster-/non-human-protagonist short story anthology?

Why... doodling potential mascots, of course!

Rewatching NGE and... man. This scene reads somewhat differently after, like, twenty years or whatever hey.

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