Okay but... hear me out for a second: the Drard.

The most ultimate min-maxy utility character ever? She's stacked all her points in WIS/INT/CHAR and just Wildshapes if she ever needs physical traits. Buff the party! Heal the party! Feed the party! Entertain the party! Turn into innocuous animals and perform reconnaissance for the party! Turn into terrifying animals and attack enemies for the party! A+ party mom, would party again!

Also: she makes booze.


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My ridiculous knock-off crystal spar water bottle arrived and it is exactly as beautifully OTT as I hoped!

I could have a regular chocobo OR I could dress one up as Behemoth and ride that instead!

(Still needs a few more shades of feather dying to get blackerer but I need to, like. Save up the gil for it again, oy...)

So I'm over the level 30 hump in FFXIV and... it's picked up so much? Like I think about 20 to 30 were a bit of a slog, partly because it's where things start opening up so it got a bit unfocused?

But at 30 I unlocked my jobs and chocobo companion and... it's definitely picked up again on basically every axis.

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So my copy of HELL ON EARTH vol.5’s dust jacket was apparently on upside down, which is the only reason I took it off and realised there’s actually a cool cover underneath…

/finally gets mounts on her Arcanist

... you know there's ONLY ONE TRUE PET FOR THIS CLASS.

Spring snow!

(Note: it’s actually seeds from the trees and FLOATING DEATH to anyone with allergies.)

Aaah, FFXIV's Lowbie Oven Mitts of Shame... I remember you!

So true story, Way Back When these two idiots (Sigmund and Lain) had their genesis as basically Lydia and Beetlejuice knock-off fan characters and, well… 🤷🏼‍♀️

… oh no Hipstamatic is back. Time to take photos like it’s 2009-pretending-to-be-1979!

So my parents are cleaning up their house preparing to downsize, which involves going through all the junk I left there when I moved out.

And one of the things they found? My ex’s old OG edition GameBoy, that she gave to me so I could play Pokémon; it still has a copy of Blue slotted into the back.

Happy birthday, Darth Bacchus, Dog of Wine!

(He is four.)

TIL you can get black kookaburras and they are like if a wizard turned that guy from the Cure into a bird.

Via: twitter.com/shelleymlloyd/stat

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