Like look at this boy and tell me he is not beautiful and perfect?

Plus, goldfish are very solidly domesticated, so there are less, uh. Ethical sourcing issues than in the tropical fish trade (where a lot of species don’t breed well in captivity, so are wild caught from sometimes endangered populations).

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I think the Azim Steppe has been my favorite zone so far.

One day I will remember to LB in Duties... today was not that day.

The Most Cursed Fact is that the Default Human Male Hero character who appears in all the trailers is named "Ardbert."

Woo! Guess who never has to grind Thousand Maws ever again~!

I thought I was done and nearly got ready to celebrate last night… until I realised I’d totally forgotten about Dark Knight. I can see why people like it (it’s pew pew flashy in a way Paladin and Warrior aren’t), but it’s very “heavy” in a way I’m not sure I like (even though technically it has the same GCD as everyone else). :ffxiv_drk:

Aw yis guess who just discovered command missions as a way to level and unlock those final two tanking jobs?

sweet home spoilers 

... oh no I have one of these! This wasn't in the webtoon!

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sweet home spoilers 

... i c wut u did dere

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Still can't get floats to stick on the stage but, on the plus side, I fixed. Those freaking. Steps.

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