Did a rebuild of my apartment in .

A much "fussier" build than last time. Because I play tall characters, the hardest part with these small spaces is making them "open" enough that I don't constantly clip through walls...

Still working out how to make monthly spreads useful, so keeping it simple for now…

So given the crossover quest in FFV was what got me playing again, it feels fitting to come full-circle...

Staring at this Shudder film poster for ages of this kinda generic-y action dude looking tough with a gun like, "... who's that guy? He looks familiar. Who's that fucking guy?"

Then like:

So my friend makes sourdough, and it plus cultured butter plus Parmesan makes T H E B E S T croutons. (Pictured with the random tomato and lentil soup I made from the old vegetables in the fridge.)

Week 3. More or less the same spread as last week, just refined a bit more. Not refined enough to escape wonky lines, tho!

Next up we’ve got THE ANOMALY, which despite the uninspiring “for fans of Dan Brown” call out on the cover, is by one of my legit favourite authors, Michael Marshall Smith (Rutger is a pen name).

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… you can tell I was never one of those kids who was good at colouring with markers.

A few wonky lines, but not too bad for Week #2.

Also rounded corner boxes are a huge pain, as it turns out.

So my husband apparently ordered this thing from Facebook and no has absolutely no recollection of what it is.

Bong? Sex toy? Cooking implement? We just don’t know…

Mashed potatoes for dinner? No. Mashed POTATO.

Mission success!

Also fuck these a good fresh. In most shops they’re like a day or so old.

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The local bakery does bake-at-home stuff during lockdown, so it’s cinnamon scrolls day!


See if it goes better than KAFKA ON THE SHORE, which I was really enjoying right up to the point where it hit my Three Strikes Rule For Male Author Bullshit and got DNF'd.

… I really need to put some shelves up. Or see if I can fit a daybed in here or something.

Guess who got a m’fing lollipop after her covid vaccine!!!!

She’s here!

Not as big as I was expecting, but still everything I could have hoped and dreamed.

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