They have so many SRS BIZNESS scenes in this room and all my dumbass can think is "lol big J".

See it even has a vocal component! It's a required part of the spell! I should get inspiration for this awesome roleplaying!

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... okay that's it. I could get a job with a professional tabletop design studio right now and spend the literal rest of my life making award-winning games and I will never invent a mechanic better than this:

... I did it! I crafted my Baby's First Ascended Armor!

Also true story my husband’s high school friend once said she would do a painting for him and he described what he wanted without telling her what it was and tl;dr that is why we now own this:

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Almost through with LW4 but, more importantly... DWAGUN TONIC!

(I was looking for the map vendor and totally forgot they sold these, too...)

... aah the "dodge the sniper while trying not to die of gas" mission. Ahahaha go fuck yourself, ANet. Skipped.

… this is not an acceptable number of nested quotation marks.

In other news I am soaking pulses and every time I walk past all I can think is “lol cw: inflation”.

Today in I:

- Hit 500 Cooking.

- Went and did the hungry cat scavenger hunt to fill my home instance up with kitties.

So I remember really struggling with this encounter the last time I came through here. This time? Oh right I can just stand in literally this one spot, take almost no damage, and autoattack for like ten minutes until it dies. Okay then.

Woohoo! It's only taken me eight years but I finally maxed out a mastery section in !

auspol, career racists 

... I can tell you I'm feeling a lot of outrage for at least one white person right now.

Mixing my second batch of melt and pour soap, since I’m down to one remaining bar from the first lot and the experiment was big success.

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