… this makes the D&D player in me extremely upset.

I did it I started from the 800s and took over the entire map and made it to THE END, mostly just to see what it did. Which is this.

Also I know there are more important things going on there right now but why does Houston look like when they give spiders drugs and make them spin webs?

The drinks menu at this restaurant sounds like a D&D party…

Also pleased to announce the Wankaway Empire is going well.

(Yes yes I am massively cheating... how else to test the "massively cheat" mod I made!)

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... ah yes the one region in the game everyone who works in IT immediately wants to obliterate off the map.

lol at some of the comments in the CK3 code:

... anyway yeah I was not kidding about the CK3 culture/religion mod.


… this rain is not helping my mycophobia. (I moved the planter back into the sun.)

uspol but shitposty 

lol he has elf ears

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