Things that have happened to various bulettes in our current campaign:
- possessed by same hive mind as the party warlock, thus also becoming part of said warlock
- target of fly spell (skyshark)
- disclosed plot spoilers via mind reading
- addicted to fantasy cocaine
- accidentally tamed by party members (multiple)
- jailed for property crimes.

Anyway. After all of that, my friend 3D printed this golden bulette for our DM for his patience.

After an experience bluffing some mine workers about their workplace safety practices our party is now called Organized Havoc & Slaughter (OH&S).

Last night, in :

DM: [describes a bar scene with a bard playing a hurdy-gurdy] It sounds like this:
DM: What do you do?

ME: I sing along.

DM: (IRL specialist in medieval music) Okay. What does that sound like?

ME: (who plays a giant rotting vulture aarakocra corpse possessed by a deep sea siphonophore colony)

So my Fathomless Warlock in has a familiar giant isopod and, well. Now that's it's an Immersion Prop I finally have an excuse to buy

Every time we have scheduled I spend the entire day with "DEE. AND. DEE! ON TONIGHT!" stuck in my head on loop to the tune of: :dnd:

Also potentially related to this is my newfound zeal for bullet journaling our sessions...

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In my continuing quest to make the most ridiculous character ever: the aarocokra Fathomless Warlock/Peace Cleric.

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