Anyway, and more importantly, I Fantasia'd in so it is now MILF Simulator XIV.

Constantly trying to log into work with my MFA token is a hell of a Mood™️.

So I hit 80 on :ffxiv_dnc: DNC about halfway through the ShB storyline, and not wanting to "waste" the leveling XP, it's time to put that on hold while I catch up my old main, :ffxiv_smn: SMN.

Been doing it by leveling :ffxiv_sch: SCH and... it took me a while to get into the groove of it, but I think I kinda like it?

Also I get to dress like a frumpy librarian, so...

So in other news I finally got to Rak'tika Greatwood (only a little under halfway left until 80!), and... LA HEE really is A Mood, isn't it?


"Is that the one where you fish and house prices are expensive?"
-- my friend, re.

So on the one hand I love that they changed the battle and quest music for SHADOWBRINGERS because it really hits that "you're in an alternate world where everything is sort of familiar but not" note but, more importantly, the is the most Anime In The Late 90s shit I've heard in years and I unironically love it:


ffxiv 4.2 spoilers 

... okay the Asahi reveal at the end of Rise of a New Sun was legitimately great.

(It's also the first time I've felt actually kind of "aww, spoilers", since the ENDWALKER cinematic kind of ruins the dude's nice guy shtick.)

All right. One more Trial and then I get to watch the ten thousand hours of cutscenes I'm assuming occur at the end of SB...

Obsessed with saving Eorzea in ripped jeans and casual clothes...


Now time to go farm primals for weapons for a bit...

I watched a house get sold (?) last night. It was a small plot in Goblet and it'd gone in half an hour, which was a lot faster than I was expecting? So maybe it was a relocation?

The housing market in is kind of fascinating to me because it's one of the only parts of the game that puts players in direct competition with each other for resources. And man people are *bitchy* about it...

In other news I think I’m at the point where I *almost* prefer playing with a controller, bar the fact I still can’t figure out targeting.

Like I know there are filter configurations I can tweak but I find them really unintuitive to use?

People who do housing builds with a controller, you are the MVPs.

… oh no I’m getting ideas for decorating an FC room.

Send help.

:ffxiv_blu: Using my Blue Mage to grind leves for Venture tokens, and ngl killing sabotenders with their own 1000 Needles ability is so fucking satisfying.

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