Today's grind.

Big shout-out to Enbarr for dropping on the first go, because I am not good at Whorleater (and died three times to falling off the platform).

Watching an LP of CHAOS GATE while I farm Diadem in and one of the main characters in that has Y'shtola's VA...

Finished the rough first build of my little cottage.

Still a few pieces missing, but most of the need components from Voyages, so I'll porbably have to wait for the server to get a bit more mature for them to become available.

Also I rotated that tree so it's not covering the door any more (lol)...

In other news: nuuuuuuuuuuuu~


At least it's an actual bug, but still. I wanted my little beachfront cottage, damnit!

Crushing update:

1. I did not check my local install nor Stream streaming, the former or which apparently needs a reinstall/reconfigure and the latter of which needs someone to press the “accept input” button on my PC… 2,000 kilometers away.

2. A fly has found me.

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Time to solo some old content with hot Phoenix on Phoenix action.

Also mad props to this random background NPC who's apparently been getting some with both Boulder brothers all this time. You go girl.

lol at Oceanic servers opening for transfers on Australia Day.

Pretty sure at this point I'm going to move. It's mostly just the pain of trying to disassemble my apartment and find somewhere to store all the furnishings beforehand, ugh.

Weekend job, definitely.

"Perfidy" is not a word I expect to encounter much in videogames, and yet...

ffxiv endwalker, not really spoilers 

I just wouldn't be unless someone was giving me a PowerPoint lecture...

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