:ffxiv_dnc: Grinding level 50 Duties for fun and Seals, and discovering I can’t quite solo hard-mode Trails on my level 70 DNC. I got veeeeeeery close a couple of times on Garuda, and could probably have managed with a little bit better prep/actually learning the mechanics but meh. I’ll come back when I’ve finished the SB MSQ and have something better than the mid-60s levelling gear I currently have on.

Dinged level 70 on a completed map XP reward. Classic.

I think the Azim Steppe has been my favorite zone so far.

One day I will remember to LB in Duties... today was not that day.

The Most Cursed Fact is that the Default Human Male Hero character who appears in all the trailers is named "Ardbert."

Woo! Guess who never has to grind Thousand Maws ever again~!

I thought I was done and nearly got ready to celebrate last night… until I realised I’d totally forgotten about Dark Knight. I can see why people like it (it’s pew pew flashy in a way Paladin and Warrior aren’t), but it’s very “heavy” in a way I’m not sure I like (even though technically it has the same GCD as everyone else). :ffxiv_drk:

Aw yis guess who just discovered command missions as a way to level and unlock those final two tanking jobs?

... today I realized you can link glamor plates to gear sets (I've been applying them manually like a noob this whole time) and now I can saw wood in a flannel like nature intended.

Going through every open apartment in my building for funsies and... oh no.

... I updated ReShade to GShade and now doesn't recognize my controller?


Woo! I made my Baby's First Glitched Structure in my apartment!

In other news I realized I could actually solo old Duties pretty easily (I think I tried before and failed miserably but, like... I have no idea what I was doing wrong?) so managed to grind out the last Grand Company levels I needed to... buy housing!

... Aa-aa-and like ten seconds looking at the property market was like "lol not happening," so I am indeed the proud new owner of Kobai Goten Apartment 20 in Ward 12 of Hingashi.

Four bara lionmen cuddling on the floor of the Grand Company office while a catboy looks wistfully on is the Most Mood I swear.

Doing the STORMBLOOD DoH/DoL grind and discovering I quite enjoy Gunbreaker in amongst the killing ten million wyverns for their hides.

It’s a job that looks complicated but is very easily macroable, which is definitely how I like them…

This post brought to you by constantly getting stuck on the title screen because I don't want to interrupt the opening cutscene when it auto plays.


(Also I'd like to have a word with Mr. Default WoL about his obviously hacked ability to change jobs mid-combat...)

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