Well. I finished off my lazy-round map complete on my Necro (basically doing everything that didn't need a jumping puzzle, etc.), and... uh. Now what?

... Tangled Depths map complete. Now I never have to visit this hellhole again!*

* Until the next time I do.

... so I have a character with (old-world) map complete, so I must've been to Fireheart Rise before but yeah wow I do not remember it at all. Like... it must be my least-visited zone in the game (even less-so than Southsun Cove).

... so like legit question did they nerf a bunch of old LW stuff recently? Because playing LW2 again for the second time in a month or so, firstly I'm just not being awarded Achievements, and secondly the Shadow of the Dragon boss didn't full-reset when I died, like it did when I tried it on my Holo (and it also seemed to... get easier on the second attempt, like it was just popping less ground AoE, etc.).

... I got into a zerg and apparently playing WvW for like three hours this morning.

Also: I discovered I am still very, very bad at PvP.

... I did it! I crafted my Baby's First Ascended Armor!

tfw you finally get a profession to 500 in so you can finally start making yourself Ascendend armor...

... only to realize you used up all your relevant inscription components while leveling.

Aaaand all caught up on story missions on my Engineer.

The final skiplist is:

- LW2: Point of No Return. (PitA boss battle.)
- HoT: Hearts and Minds. (Ditto.)
- LW4: A Bug in the System. (Frustrating/buggy twitch platforming.)
- LW4: A Star to Guide Us. (That shitty sniper mission.)

So... not too bad?

Almost through with LW4 but, more importantly... DWAGUN TONIC!

(I was looking for the map vendor and totally forgot they sold these, too...)

... aah the "dodge the sniper while trying not to die of gas" mission. Ahahaha go fuck yourself, ANet. Skipped.

Today in I:

- Hit 500 Cooking.

- Went and did the hungry cat scavenger hunt to fill my home instance up with kitties.

... the Sanctum of Kormir looks so amazing tho.

So I remember really struggling with this encounter the last time I came through here. This time? Oh right I can just stand in literally this one spot, take almost no damage, and autoattack for like ten minutes until it dies. Okay then.

Woohoo! It's only taken me eight years but I finally maxed out a mastery section in !

So like legit question, tho: why do the Ranger specializations in suck so much?

Like, you have Druid which is fine for what it is but what it is, i.e. a support class, has a fundamentally different playstyle to what I assume most people rolled a Ranger for in the first place, i.e. facerolling the open world.

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