cartoon boobies and mild body horror 

… I know this makes me literally the last person on the planet to realise this, but until right now this very moment I did not realise that The Untamed and MDZS were the same thing.

(Probably because I’ve only ever heard the live action series called “The Untamed” and the novel and other adaptations called MDZS or its literal English translation. So reading someone talk about characters in the former in the context of that latter was... initially confusing.)


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*to a shadowy figure whose presence is palpable* ok loomer

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The opposite of formaldehyde is casualdejekyll :blobcoffeeraccoon:

One of the more surprising things about being an adult was realising how brown lentils are really good, actually.

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Nice morning to weep at my desk because of fanfic

… there are A LOT of super hornt class mods for Darkest Dungeon, aren’t there?

Darkest Dungeon? More like SEXIEST Dungeon amirite?

@lj_writes No idea. I just happened across someone else complaining about it, went to check, and… yeah. I couldn’t get to things either.

The other person complaining seemed to think it’d been happened for a few days? Apparently some other SEA countries (Malaysia?) might also be affected.

… apparently Tumblr is broken in Australia?

Like, I can get to my Dash but not to any actual Tumblrs, including my own (

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After I recovered from my cold, now my next gouache painting.

I like pudgy comic animals 🦈

#art #mastoart #gouache

Spent all weekend unlocking all the DPS Jobs in FFXIV and coming to the realisation Summoner is still the best.

Other potential candidates: Red Mage, Ninja, Monk, and maybe Dancer.

Classes I was surprised by how much I didn’t enjoy: Black Mage (its mechanics are way too complicated for what felt like fairly mediocre damage output).




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@tparadox Like I get the physics of it, I just don’t actually remember consciously seeing them when I’ve been to NY, or in media featuring NY, so describing them as iconic seems… a stretch. O_o

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