Ugh reading a review of a piece of media with a premise that squicks me out and now I'm probably imagining the work itself as like a million times worse than it actually is and being in an rationally weird mood about it...

covid-19, tentatively positive 

@lindentreeisle Haha, mood.

Though tbf I still mostly get new music exposure through Triple J (national government-funded youth radio), and they generally avoid top 40 sort of stuff just... because that's their station ethos.

Most of my pop exposure comes through listening to mashups, so when I hear the songs "raw" they always sound... off, lol.

@lindentreeisle Haha. I like "Shut Up and Dance" but I also live in a bubble where I generally don't get exposed to "Top 40" style music that much (IIRC I originally saw it in a Tumblr post that was a compilation of dance scenes from Disney films?); I can see how it could get... very overplayed, very quickly.

But yeah as someone who likes covers, the fact they did one of the original song that was... almost exactly identical felt like some kind of weird slight against Ray Parker Jr.

@lindentreeisle Haha I have had an mp3 of this since the 90s:

It used to be, like, my Secret Shame when I was a Gothier Than Thou teenager.

@lindentreeisle I mean... hard same. I think I mostly bought the whole thing in a fit of... IDK. Consumerist solidarity? Or something? 🤷

But yeah there are about four songs on it I listen to regularly. (I guess five if you count Walk the Moon's cover of the theme... but it's so weirdly identical to the original, which I also have on my playlist, so... eh?)

@lindentreeisle Yup, those plus the GoT and Westworld themes are probably his best known things.

@lindentreeisle Haha, I own the whole thing.* It was basically the last thing I bought on iTunes before I figured out how Apple Music worked.

* ... I'd had wine. Don't judge. :P

@lindentreeisle I... honestly quite like most of the changes (the old UI was looking... tired), but yeah the whole "let's remove access to the filesystem!" trend needs to immediately die. >_<

@extinct Pretty common sentiment in Commonwealth countries, honestly.

People generally like the Queen, even when they don't support the political institution of the monarchy as a concept (conventional wisdom is this is one of the reasons the Queen hasn't abdicated, since Charles is... not nearly so popular).

The left/right distinction can have a complicated relationship to monarchy, but tl;dr isn't a reliable indicator of support either way.

So... eh?

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Some afternoon doodling, playing around a bit with the #Gargoyles OC I made about 20 years too late lol 🦇
#MastoArt #CreativeToots

(Ironically, after playing this, the next song to pop up on iTunes was a Two Steps From Hell track. Two Steps are, like, kinda the epitome of temp track music. Though, in their defense, their main shtick is/was trailer music, which is kind of by definition temp track music, so...)

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In this our Dark Ages of Temp Tracks it's getting rarer and rarer to find big budget popcorn films with themes that totally slap so mad props to Ramin Djawadi for holding that fort down for the next generation.

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Also while we're busy this morning having Hot Movie Soundtrack Takes, PACIFIC RIM was a terrible racist garbage trashfire but hot damn the main theme is such a banger:

(Even Super Normie Opinion Xtreemer: The Fall Out Boy theme from the same soundtrack is also kind lol, mostly for Missy Elliott's totally phoned-in bridge when compared to the ridiculously over-earnest chorus.)

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Extreme Normie Opinion but I unironically love "Get Ghost" from the 2016 GHOSTBUSTERS soundtrack:


(Also big shout-out to Steam whose "streamlined" UI update totally broke its screenshot manager, and that took me like fifteen minutes to find where it actually stores things on disk.)

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Jumping back into PATH OF EXILE on my level 60ish character, after not having played in a few years (!), and immediately hitting the "accept passive skill refresh" button without thinking about it made for... an interesting reintroduction to the game...

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