@TheWebRecluse It's the Traditional Dance of White Australia: youtube.com/watch?v=q0CA605NS1

Also see:


(It's so prevalent I literally just grew up assuming Turner was Australian. It was only really, really recently I learned she's not!)

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@lj_writes Well CLOUD ATLAS was also the Wachowskis, so that would be that connection I'd assume.

And haha that's awesome about your mum. :D

Also: "Oh wow this lady looks totally like the chick from Sense8 lol I bet it's not tho--- oh no wait it totally is her."

@Gargron @tootbrute Still haven't finished the first ep but on the basis of that would definitely concur.

Also I'm usually extremely not into zombies as a genre but apparently it works for me when it's "zombies plus Ye Olde Times Korean court politics" which... go figure.

Whoever said KINGDOM was the Show of Sweet Hats was not kidding about...

@TheWebRecluse Like all Australian public schoolchildren from the 90s I am Permanently Traumatized by having to do line dancing to "Nutbush" for, like, all of primary school, lol. I can't even assess if it's a good song or not any more, since it's so deeply associated with terrible school dance memories. >_<

Standing in the kitchen wondering why someone had left "Nutbush City Limits" playing in the next room but no it was the coffee machine warming up and making a weird wee-OOO-a-wee-ooo noise.

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pushes up glasses actually her middle name is “The”. Checkmate, Hollywood.

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someone threw shade at me! I'm inordinately proud Show more

@Cobalt @chaosonwheels23 Seconding this (though, disclaimer, I know some of the people involved).

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What the hell is going on oh fuck oh fuck sigmund sighed, flopping his arms out and his head backward.

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if you schedule a meeting with me at 12 noon and your calendar isn’t completely booked for the rest of the day OR you don’t provide lunch, I will not say anything but I will silently judge you

@lj_writes Lol if I'm not gonna roll my corded headphones up to put them back in the pouch before throwing them in my bag, I'm not going to put pods back in a case before doing the same. :P

@Gargron I've thought about it, but I want a pair with the neck string, because otherwise they'll get lost in the Tardis (a.k.a. my handbag). >_<

They weren't cheap, either, and because they're in-ear headphones it's not like you can try them on beforehand.

I might see if I can return them and just bite the bullet and buy another pair of Boses...

Guh, technology. Y u suck so much?

So I had this pair of Bose Bluetooth headphones and they were like the most comfortable headphones in the universe but they fell to bits in my bag and constantly had connectivity issues and tl;dr I got mad at them and replaces them with some Sennheisers and oh god these things are so fucking uncomfortable I regret all my life choices.

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