In other news I dreamed that we were on a luxury cruise but it got cancelled mid-way through due to bad weather and we all had to get airlifted out but it was okay because I had a pet ferret in the pocket of my hoodie the entire time.

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teenage angst levels are 100% and rising

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

@tony_stark I really should just go in an get the keyboard replaced. I've mostly just been lazy, lol.

(Also yes misspelling "Santa" as "Satan" lololol pity me I have one of those Macbooks with the shitty butterfly keys man like every second word I type is illegible until I fix it.)

Completely wild telling people you don't celebrate Christmas and just watching their brains shut down trying to come up with a "good" reason for why not.

"Is she secretly Jewish? Muslim? Did Santa kill her parents as a child?"

No man I just hate capitalism and compulsory Christianity. It's not that deep.

tfw you're just innocently scrolling down your dash and you see a take so stupid you have to physically put down your phone to get away from it

... it smells alternately like someone is oiling wood and/or making lime cordial outside my window.

@izzy lol it came up on my iTunes "you haven't listened to this in a while" playlist and I got nostalgic. :P

JournalPress being back (yay) but ActivityPub apparently being broken again is, like. Peak Running Your Own Blog...

the closest thing the player character from DOOM has to a canonical name---the one he inherited from his father and his father before him---is the acronym for "blowjob" and i just think that's beautiful

After several months playing my Druid in it has come to my attention that there is virtually no encounter that cannot be solved (at least in some fashion) by saying, "I turn into an ant."

Traps? 🐜
Recon/spying? 🐜
Encounter? Good luck finding me, assholes. 🐜
Awkward roleplaying scenario? Hahah byeeeeeee~ 🐜
Falling damage? You know what's not heavy enough to take falling damage? 🐜

In short: 🐜

A three-piece suit sans jacket and a sweatervest are basically opposite ends of the same sartorial spectrum.

the music from TRANSFORMERS had no right to be as good as it did given the movie it was from tbh

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