untamed, ep. 50 

I stand by my initial assessment that Fan Guy, Sick Brother, and Lady Needles are the best characters.

Also Wen Ning Hugs Squad 5eva.

@Rionnal Aside from looking like a big J, it's like... it kinda doesn't really "go" with the rest of the decor? Like it's so chunky and just sort of... there? I don't even get what it's supposed to be? (I think sometimes it has plants hanging from it?)

They have so many SRS BIZNESS scenes in this room and all my dumbass can think is "lol big J".

Sisyphus was the first gamer and the stone was his matchmaking rating

Week One of the #STVBB2020 art fight: 'Menagerie'!
Fiamma1221s requested a sea turtle for their OC, Criostoir!🐢
#MastoArt #CreativeToots

Here is a taste at my sketches for my upcoming Animorphs glyph series of the characters in the middle of transforming! Full sketchbook (all characters!) available now for Patreon and Kofi subscribers in the following links:



@natecull @Canageek @polychrome @enkiv2 Hello yes just barging in to say plus all the ones to this.

There's a recent one-shot Elseworlds, BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT, which IMO has pretty much *the* take on this, and ends up there basically by trying to earnestly (-ish) deal with this criticism. It just does so by ending up in literally the world of all possible worlds, presented as the best, that's it... I kinda love it just for the accidental meta commentary, almost?

"Hey Alis what is objectively the greatest song ever recorded?"

🎵 youtube.com/watch?v=SYnVYJDxu2

No I will not be taking questions at this time.

@alpine_thistle To be fair it also does have the terrifying mass grave ghost mountains in it, so...

On the subject of Inspiration in :

I had this idea for a variant Inspiration use which is basically the flashback mechanism in BLADES IN THE DARK. That is, you can spend your inspiration to "retroactively prepare" for a situation, so long as you can realistically explain how you did it and why it hasn't come up until now.

It's basically for those "memorized the wrong spell"/"brought the wrong gear"/"forgot to bribe the guard in advance" situations.

See it even has a vocal component! It's a required part of the spell! I should get inspiration for this awesome roleplaying!

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Yelling out "Tsuki ni kawatte, oshioki yo!" every time my Druid casts Moonbeam in will never get old and any players or GMs who tell you otherwise are big party police poopyheads.

🎵 youtube.com/watch?v=cjKcmZGhUr

This song is very Too Soon for something written like eight years ago...


@Satsuma But throwing out spurious Marx quotes is fun! :O

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