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@weirdeyes There is the issue that "real world" coercive persuation does not work like comic book brainwashing (not for a lack of the CIA trying), but there are plenty of lawyers and legal scholars theorizing on the potential legal arguments if it did. So it's definitely something you can research!

(Ironically, I once did, albeit not for CATWS fic, because lol. Pop culture.)

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@weirdeyes Well, you don't actually; you generally need to go get evaluated by a psychiatric professional, but there are "temporary insanity" conditions that don't require ongoing detention. (See also some of the duress defenses.)

The more relevant defence is known as "coercive persuasion", i.e. brainwashing, with Patty Hearst probably being the most notorious/high-profile case (she was convincted, but granted presidental pardon may years later).

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@weirdeyes They're all very, like... from people who watched a lot of WEST WING and bought into its kind of technocratic institutionalist ideology.

I honestly think it in-and-of-itself is a kind of idfic for people (the id-pleasing fantasy of a system that "works"), but... yeah.

@Elizabeth_Fitz He's back out and about, still occasionally tired and coughing though. :(

... I did it.

I survived iso and I'm fre-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee!


Other highlights include the live cross to ComicCon to get election vox pops from in-character cosplayers. Peak TV.

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Big shout-out to the presenter who called the election an orgy on live national TV.

@ToonLink .... except wisteria isn't a tree!

(I know you can train it into one, but...)

(The address is Mist 24-50 on Zurvan, for anyone who wants to visit.)

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Finished the rough first build of my little cottage.

Still a few pieces missing, but most of the need components from Voyages, so I'll porbably have to wait for the server to get a bit more mature for them to become available.

Also I rotated that tree so it's not covering the door any more (lol)...

Today in Irony: After sleeping on a sofa cushion on the floor for the last week and a half the bed people finally called me asking if they could deliver my new bed frame tomorrow.

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inventing a kind of person who hates, distrusts, or doesn't believe in crayons and candles


@izzy I've added some. If there's a specific one let me know what it's shortcode is and I'll try and find it...


... I woke myself up at 3:40 am this morning getting this stuck in my head in a dream, so now you have to listen to it too.

(No, I did not manage to get back to sleep.)


is staring at my husband longingly for the first time in a week, from across the length of the living room, now both of us are positive and we dare, albiet briefly, to be in the same room together.

We can't actually talk, since both of us are masked and he mostly reads lips, but. Y'know. That's what Teams is for.

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