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I see all the disappointment to the GoT finale and people saying 'ugh this is fanfiction' and like, lemme just say that is an INSULT to fanfiction lmao

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Our trained soothsayers predict the hottest new fantasy novel this season will be called:


- Hugos reading
- anthology pitch
- Continuum book stock ordering
- review writing
- blog fixing.

- getting my stupid Hunter to 110 in WoW so I never have to play her again.

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@lindentreeisle The actual answer is software development is going through a notoriously lazy phase, where no-one optimizes anything because devs "assume" machine resources are near-infinite.

(It's a noted problem in the industry right now, and it affects EVERYTHING; from webpages to your phone's OS to random games on Steam.)

Aw, Sexy Skyrim, no!

RIP Sexy Skyrim. I'll never be able to recreate your mod load order!

Time to... uninstall games from Steam to stop my computer from crashing yay!

I have, like, six HDDs in this computer and they're all basically full. Most of the drives are fairly old and have been lugged from PC to PC and aren't particularly high capacity by modern standards, so it's entirely possible it's time to, like, actually buy new drives...

2.5m words of Stucky-related procrastination later... I think I have to admit defeat on THE POWER.

The premise is interesting and Alderman writes well, but I gave in and read spoilers and the whole, "If women had power they'd be even WORSE than men!!!!" conclusion is literally exactly where I'd hoped the story wasn't going, so... ugh. That plus the whole trans-erasure thing, plus the multiple graphic sexual assault scenes...

Yeah, DNF'd.

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... apparently all of the actual doing-things code in one file in one of my custom WordPress plugins has just vanished?

Like, the controls structures around it are still there, but the inner code is gone? In just one file.

Like... wut? *How*?

Also now I have to try and restore it from a Glacier backup (because I didn't notice fast enough it was broken), which... ugh.

WordPress (?) has apparently started auto-linking anything in a post starting with # as a tag and I really wish it... would not.

And yet I can't find where to turn this off?

Firstly, man JACOB'S LADDER messed me up so bad and I really need to watch it again.

Secondly, I'd totally forgotten Macaulay Culkin was in the film, which... lol.


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