WordPress 2019 user survey be like, "I'm glad Tumblr is maybe a bit less evil but Gutenberg still big-time sucks."

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*smashes refresh button hoping it'll make the restock come faster*


In other news I've spent the last two nights trying to trick the PATHFINDER: KINGMAKER UI into letting me be level 20 in every class.

(It does... not scale well if it thinks you have "too many" spells and abilities, and it breaks---and spontaneously unbreaks!---in interesting ways...)

... who booked an appointment with the accountant that clashes with night? Who'd do that? Thursdays aren't for being an adult and talking about taxes and investments! They're for pretending to be a tiefling and singing at monsters!

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Tired: Disney+
Wired: Undoing the fucking damage Disney has done to our culture, copyright, and the public domain.

@watergarden Speculation on the size of a character's genitals is crass but hardly pornographic; at most it'd be considered polite Mastodon etiquette to put it behind a CW. (Noting that speculation on the size of a *real person's* genitals may potentially constitute harassment in some cases.)

Actual written porn, detailed descriptions of genitalia designed to arouse, and similar need to be CW'd and kept out of public timelines.

@xax … you know this has never occurred to me before. :O

They wouldn’t even be written like that, given the main written script in SW is Aurebesh and the C character is pronounced “cresh”.


This is what I get for betraying Local Tea Shop Man but… this was a teamergency!

“Have you brewed green tea before?” asks the overly perky tea shop lady as she hands me my bag of oolong.

... oh no PATHFINDER: KINGMAKER has, like, expansion modules.

Some of you may remember KINGMAKER from previous rants on I Love Everything About This Game Except For The Game, so... uh oh.

@vamp I mean using it is fine, but I'm seeing a lot of stuff saying Millennials *invented* it, which... we absolutely did not. :\

I see Millennials have already co-opted the "okay boomer" meme from whatever they call the Kids These Days...

I just read the words "5000 pounds (two and a half tons)" and it broke my metric system brain.

(Just... why? Why would you?)

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@ToonLink *has a massive soft spot for goat eyes*

Also ironically for once a tiefling that's technically a color the PHB says one can be! :O

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