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Anyway in other news for my sins I started reading SVSS, so... godsspeed, me!

I watched a house get sold (?) last night. It was a small plot in Goblet and it'd gone in half an hour, which was a lot faster than I was expecting? So maybe it was a relocation?

The housing market in is kind of fascinating to me because it's one of the only parts of the game that puts players in direct competition with each other for resources. And man people are *bitchy* about it...

(That being said, thanks to that one meme I will never not be able to hear this song as "lock the taskbar" ever again.)

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til there's an Arabic cover of "Rock the Casbah" and it's an absolute banger

🎵 youtube.com/watch?v=02Sg9H2T_T

@naga Summoned creatures all share initiative, though?

We run it basically just like "I cast polymorph on A until it 'sticks', move on to B, then C, etc. until I run out of casts." It's not significantly any longer than any other turn.

@naga So my DM apparently found an errata ruling that states for spells that can summon a choice of creatures, it's the DM and not the player that picks what creatures appear. Which effectively nerfs the pixies. u_u

@kip I... I did not know that was the difference between left-right/up-down on the d-pad. Holy shit that makes things so much easier, lol.

Jokes (?) aside, I do have a Hey subscription and I just... I don't know, after this. Cancelling it would mean going back to Gmail, which is hardly "better", but OTOH losing a customer *is* more impactful to a small-ish company like Basecamp than my free Gmail account is to Google. So.

(No ethical consumption, etc. etc.)

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racism in tech 


... Basecamp. No.

Honestly I think what this story demonstrates is what disruptive hires white conservatives are. They just have to make everything so political all the time. It's really uncomfortable for the rest of the workforce, and not a good "fit" for most organizations.

@izzy At least Thunderbolt and USB-C have the same physical interface. :P

Apple always has Betamax Syndrome on stuff like this; FireWire and Thunderbolt actually were/are technically “better”, it’s just they never got widespread adoption outside of the Apple ecosystem. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Today I finally looked up what the fuck an "eboy" was and now feel approximately ten thousand years old.

"Oh, that's what we're calling emos/scenekids/visual-kei/gravers/punks now, huh."

In other news I think I’m at the point where I *almost* prefer playing with a controller, bar the fact I still can’t figure out targeting.

Like I know there are filter configurations I can tweak but I find them really unintuitive to use?

The point here is that Apple has like a twenty year history of removing support for deprecating-but-not-deprecated technology and mostly getting away with it, because their customers mostly don’t care. (Mostly, not always; Apple doesn’t always get it right but people tend to forget the risks they take that don’t pay off for them more than the ones that do, which is part of the weird distortion field Apple extrudes. Remember FireWire? Of course you don’t.)

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Like… I don’t really care what your hot takes are on whether these moves were “good” or not,* but, like. Stop making shit up about them.

* Full disclosure: I own three laptops and exactly zero of them have Ethernet ports, and it’s been an issue maybe once, five years ago. Ditto with the lack of CD drives. My current MacBook’s lack of USB-A ports was mildly annoying in that I had to go out an purchase a $20 adapter I use maybe twice a year.

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Legit seeing Mac takes that are like “the current Macs removing USB ports is totes different to when they removed floppies! That was in response to the deprecation of the technology!” and it’s like… oh precious babies, no. No no no. It was not. Floppy discs were ubiquitous when Apple removed the drives from the original iMacs and they were *widely* mocked in the tech press. Ditto for when they took the CD drives out of MacBooks.

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I’ve been really busy lately but I found some time this evening to draw a sketch for #Mermay
I’ll color this one in the future, I like how they look :)

#illustration #art #mastoart #sketch #fantasy #mermaid #merman #mythology #creativetoots #creature #conceptart

There is a man loudly singing scales somewhere outside my window...

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