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the power, maybe spoilery 

@varve @hafnia I guess I'm kind of... tired of media that just "swaps" power structures without actually interrogating them in any meaningful way? Like, the differences between the society depicted in THE POWER and, like, the Drow in D&D is... what, exactly? And if we find the latter tiring and misogynist, why not the former?

Maybe I'm just tired of endless shitty "humans are inherently sinful and there's nothing we can do about it!" takes dressed up as wokeness... u_u

the power, maybe spoilery 

@varve @hafnia Ugh, yeah. It's even worse because of the framing device, which means technically the "terrible" female characters are *a man's* opinion on women's natures?

I'm sure Alderman thought she was doing some kind of clever commentary here or something but IME it's just this endless spiral of suck that gets worse and worse the more you think about it?

Like... I literally do not get why people think this book is "feminist"?

@hafnia Aaah, all good. :)

But yeah I'd be interested to know what you think of it when you're done.

@hafnia I ranted about it more here: alis.me/x/the-power/#more-3018

But the tl;dr is that it was a combination of the implicit transphobia and, like. Stone-cold take on shaming women for having revenge power fantasies against predatory men that just made me, like. Haaaaaaard nope out. D:

@hafnia Oh god I l o a t h e d that book so much, lol. It started so promising and then they did... that. With it.

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@isoTropes wow what did antimony ever do to you? :(

... damn thunder calm down brah. 🌩️

@tparadox Ish? It'll wear the "shine" (or even just the sealant) off the surface over the course of a few years but that's superficial and you can buff it back in. It's basically the same as having to maintain wooden flooring.

So now that we've had Fun With Chemistry in the bathroom it's time for Fun With Sandpaper while I try and polish out all the acid etching I've inadvertantly-yet-diligently done.

Tl;dr don't ever have stone tiles in your bathrooms.

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So anyway we've had this constant problem of soap scum building up in the bathroom and I kept trying more and more Serious Business cleaning products to remove it and it only seemed to get worse and worse and finally I Googled it and anyway that's how I learned you're absolutely 100% not supposed to use bleach or, in particular, acid-based bathroom cleaners on travertine tiles.

It also doesn’t have the 1 and 12 on opposite faces, just to add to its sins.

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… this makes the D&D player in me extremely upset.

@emmy It depends on the question you're asking. "Let's just go to space" maybe isn't the best answer to, like, "what about climate change?" but on the other hand is arguably a great answer to "should we try going to space?"

Both things can be true at once, and humanity can also work on solutions to both problems at once. It's not actually a zero sum game.

@izzy Oh yeah Musk is a douchelord but honestly he's more a symptom than a disease.

Like, there is actually an Outer Space Treaty most countries are signatories of, and the current US law allowing commercial exploitation of space (but not sovereignty over it) is arguably in violation of it. It's never really been tested because it's been kind of moot, but as soon as it's not, it will be.

Like... I think people don't really realize there are actually existing laws regulating this stuff?

@emmy ... all of which are problems with potential solutions?

Like I'm not saying this stuff isn't challenging or whatever and I get that techno-utopianism has taken a (rightful) beating in recent decades. But it's this whole attitude of "well someone might do it WRONG in a way I PERSONALLY don't approve of!" that's just... you'll have to excuse me if I don't think the answer to "well we fucked up hey" is "and now we never try anything ever again!"

Nihilism is not the answer either.

There are literally over a hundred billion planets in our galaxy alone and somewhere between the vast majority to literally all of them are basically just space rocks. I pinky swear super duper promise it doesn't make us "the space virus" to, like, mine ores on fucking Uranus or whatever and it's also probably a hell of a lot better an idea, environmentally speaking, than mining them here, where there's actually an ecosystem to fuck up.

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