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I won't lie: I have been considering swapping the Patreon over to a self-hosted subscription service (or at least supplementing it with one). Hm...

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racism, marie kondo 

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The smartphone to end all motherfucking smartphones now, three years ago, a fly bit at a dvergr as he worked.

I’ve been saying for years that the business model of companies like Facebook is illegal in most major jurisdictions outside of the US, so… validating!

guardian, THE END, mildish spoilers 

guardian, ep. 37, not really spoilers 

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hmmm nope don't like how "creator burnout" has been reframed into a personal failing due to lack of self-care, rather than a horrifying consequence of late-stage capitalism and the gig economy

guardian, ep. 36, spoilerish? 

guardian, ep. 34, spoilers 

guardian, ep. 33, not spoilers 

guardian, ep. 33, spoilers 

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do you ever think about how "welp" is just the modern English version of "alas"

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My favourite #dog.

Do you want a digital portrait of your favourite dog (or cat, or parrot or iguana)?
Commission are open:

Also I have a patreon with a bunch of free things:

#commission #commissionMe #pet #art #mastoArt

In related news, Hubzilla RSS feeds are wild, man. They make Tumblr feeds look neat and useful in comparison…

Okay so thanks to @vamp I figured out isn't broken, I'm just an idiot. 🤷

It doesn't currently have open registration, but if anyone would for some reason like a profile there for testing purposes (or whatever), message me with your email address and I can send you an invite code. 💜

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I don't want a reboot.

I don't want any reboots.
I want new voices, new ideas ...

I want MORE stories, not the same stories retold over and over and over (which is barely possible these days).

American television needs to stop stealing, borrowing, remaking foreign material and it needs to stop rehashing it's own.

There's so much great art out there, so many stories being told in a variety of mediums.

American audiences and producers need to be open to taking more risks ...

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