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tech knock knock joke 

That thing where Ubuntu just randomly decides it’s going to OOM and freeze now, and there’s no way to do anything about it because there’s no Ctrl+Alt+Del style command key override that immediately suspends all application processes and brings up a task monitor equivalent. 🤷🏼‍♀️

So I decided to take a bath last night because IDEK (I don't usually), and also to use up all the random scrubs and shit I got ages ago as part of a sub box thing.

Anyway, one of those scrubs was sugar, not salt-based, and the second it came into contact with the water it turned into, like, straight-up toffee.

I'm *still* finding sticky patches all over my skin this morning, like two showers later. D:

It suddenly occurs to me that the word “desert” in “desert island” means like “desertED”, not “place where it doesn’t rain.”

The soap *was* cookies, incidentally, which we found out by daring each other to eat them, figuring the failure mode of "accidentally eating soap" was better than "accidentally dropping cookies in the bath."

After that we figured it was probably too much trouble for what was basically a tiny ball of wrapped-up leaves, so pretended like soapcookies were totally exactly what we wanted awesome thanks! and just went to have our herb-free (but salty) bath.

Probably my wildest ride with service recovery was when we were trying to communicate to the resort workers that we were missing the "seasonal herb pouch" from our in-room onsen (the morning cleaning staff kept leaving one out, and the afternoon staff kept taking it away!).

We ended up with like six different housekeeping staff and two jars of bath salts before a dude finally brought us a box of what could've either been soap of cookies.

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me, age 15: I think we should provide basic necessities to people

my dad: you'll become more conservative when you're an adult

me, legally an adult:
:hacker_e::hacker_a::hacker_t::hacker_t::hacker_h::hacker_e: :hacker_r::hacker_i::hacker_c::hacker_h:

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Every time my daughter says "Mama" I prepare her for online by asking "but what about Dada?"

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The more I listen to gamer meta about the SoulsBorne series, the more I'm convinced the entire thing is a giant elaborate prank by From against gamers who earnestly believe videogames are "fair."

1. (I've never actually seen the clip for this before!)

2. Foreshortening is still haaaaaaaaard.

3. I still need to buy a scanner.

4. I drew this too close to the edge of the fucking paper, and for some reason pinch-to-resize isn't working on my sketchbook??? Need to call Apple support maybe??!?!??

Tentacle dad, tentacle dad
Oil-powered, goop-covered tentacle dad
Hunting stuff
Most cringe-worthy puns
Tentacle dad.

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(baldr) loki in his prison (i thought her dead…lost or whatever the equivalent word is out here in australia’s armpit.

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Okay, math nerds: a question.

If I roll a d∞, which also includes negative as well as positive integers, is the likelihood of me succeeding versus an arbitrary DC always 50% (because there are infinite numbers both above and below the target), or does maths not work like that?

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