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So: question for people with marginalized identities (of any sort).

We're currently putting together the monster anthology submissions call, and we want to include a segment encouraging submissions from marginalized creators, but aren't entirely sure how to word it.

So I guess my question is: any advice? Things you've seen before that really worked for you, or really *didn't* work? And, if you don't mind sharing, why?

So because of this stupid post I've had

"My Archive bookmarks don't
My Archive bookmarks don't
My Archive bookmarks don't want none unless your fic's long, hun."

stuck in my head for the last two days.

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Felt a little sorry for the allfather’s violent, thickheaded simpleton and she knows where else he slakes his varied lusts.

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What's the most viscous thing you can carbonate? Can you sodastream treacle?

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Calling all : In August a couple of friends and myself are launching , a prompt challenge akin to Inktober, except for writers of any kind.
The blog is on Tumblr, but we have an AO3 collection, and absolutely everybody's welcome.
(Boosts would be great, btw! *g*)

nge, ep. 24 spoilers 

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Quick dragon doodle for someone on FR. I should've been cleaning my aptmt, but I've been really feeling the need to draw some fun stuff recently, what with work and commissions demanding most of my time this past month (and the coming months)

"What do you mean systems need to serve a business outcome, not just refer to a jumble of vaguely interconnected technical products? You'd better be careful with that sorta talk 'round here, young lady. I don't know how things are done where you're from, but you're in ICT, now!"

You haven't lived until you've read multiple hundred-page system design documents that neglect to include details such as, for e.g., what the system they're describing actually *is*.

HIM: Do you have Pathfinder yet?

ME: Ugh. No. I got like half way there but I just hate Nazjatar so mu--


ME: *looks into the camera like on the Office* It was not just him.

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Here is today's work! I wanted to make a painting that looks super glowy and bright. What do you think, did I succeed?
Also: Painting even though I initially didn't want to. But it was a nice session! #mastoart #traditionalart #artistlife

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@catpigg Couldn't decide which one to do, so I did a couple because they looked fun. ^^ Your OCs are super cute, so it was a hard choice!

I knew I had to do Mothball though because omigod.

He reminds me of Saturniidae moths, so I hope you don't mind that I took a little liberty with his markings.

To every single word processor out there (Word, Google Docs, I'm LOOKING AT YOU) that insists on auto-incorrecting the first letter of every list item to a capital, please burn forever in grammar hell.

Fics and I cannot lie
You other fans just can’t deny
When your ship pops up with a slow as hell pace
And a word count in your face
You’re sucked in

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nge, spoilers, body horror 

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