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On the plus side, I haven't caught the bus in literally like thirteen years and... actually it's pretty good now? We're right on two direct routes between my home and my work and I really *do* hate driving *and* paying for parking, so... 🤔

ME: Hey, you know what? I should totally catch the bus to work then walk home! That’ll be awesome!



Is it a Tantanmen-making Experiment night?

Yes. Yes it is.

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so there’s a new search engine for the fediverse:

most people probably don’t expect their public posts to be searchable, especially if they use mastodon, so here’s how to opt out (for mastodon): open your settings and go to Preferences > Other, then check “Opt out of search engine indexing”.

if you’re an instance admin, you can opt your entire instance through robots.txt. you can set this up in nginx:

death, gross maybe if you get squicked by bugs? 

death, gross maybe if you get squicked by bugs? 

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Hahahahaha you remember the kpopcalypse?

Ahahahahahahaaaaa (╥﹏╥)

So yeah tl;dr B.P.R.D.: HELL ON EARTH. Big enjoy. Very recommend. 👍🏼

And bureaucrats are shown as harried and over-extended… but they also do care about people. (Which, y’know… they also, like. Are. Even when they’re sentient gasses. Or demons. Or fish people. Maybe especially then.)

Not to mention it also addresses structural inequality?

And it does all of that without actually being a deconstruction per se. Like... don't get me wrong, I love me some superhero deconstructions (coughTHE AUTHORITYcough). But HELL ON EARTH plays it all dead straight.

It's literally "oh no what if demons invaded Earth and the supernatural arm of the U.N. had to fight them and was also competent at it while still being limited by all the regular problems you'd expect in a multinational bureaucracy."

It's basically great in other words.

I mean like y'all know I have problems with superhero comics because of their chauvinist, anthropocentric neoliberal character... but HELL ON EARTH is basically like... the antithesis of that?

Like it's about a multilateral organization with multiple non-human staff members working cooperatively across the globe to try and preserve humanity. It shows that institutions are imperfect but individuals try their best, and that cooperation and acceptance are the best solutions to every problem.

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