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#inktober today I did my duolingo stuff and they offered a 2 month free trial of some online class taking platform, so I did that and watched urban sketching classes.

this is what I came up with.. uuuuhm the shading is totally off but I like it. it's the window in my room where some of my plants are growing.

I wanted an excuse to practice anatomy so I did some random rough sketches of Rai ;w; I still have a long way to go tho 😭😭😭

(I'm so sorry about the falcon I can't draw birds to save my life)

Pickles' best pal Taft, the war tortoise. Almost done with character designs for the 31-day GN pitch challenge, then I'm off for a few days to work on the outline. #inktober #drawing #illustration #brushpen #tortoise

Also I can’t remember if Lain is supposed to have ears or not lol.

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So true story, Way Back When these two idiots (Sigmund and Lain) had their genesis as basically Lydia and Beetlejuice knock-off fan characters and, well… 🤷🏼‍♀️

One of the positives about getting older is getting to see movies you liked but everyone else panned turn into Cult Classics™️.

The cafe is playing “Jump In The Line (Shake, Senora)”…


How is it nearly 2020 already?

How are we almost a fifth of the way into the century? Where the fuck did that all go?

Googles "is my touchpad broken or has it been haptic all along and I've just never noticed until now".

(The latter, apparently.)

I wish Duolingo would stop making me translate this sentence


a l l i g a t o r m o a t

uspol, trump, Dr. Evil 

Trump literally wanted a moat around the country stocked with snakes and alligators:

The main thing I used to use Hipstamatic for was when I ran an in-character TSW Tumblr; I'd run game screenshots through it to make it look like they'd been taken "in-universe" by my character.

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… oh no Hipstamatic is back. Time to take photos like it’s 2009-pretending-to-be-1979!

Cyberpunk, food 

Saturday morning. Your new brain implants are now working. You hear the oil sizzling and start smelling the eggs, pancakes, and orange juice.

"Breakfast will be ready soon," the robocook says.

You don't remember hiring a robocook. WTF?

There's no food in the kitchen but the smell is still there. The cook is a hologram in front of you. "Order breakfast to go, by IHOP™?"


The smell fades away.

You read the brain implants' TOS.

"Ad supported."


Also the first thing it wanted to do was download a software update, which lol.

Then we took it to the Maccas drive-thru to get ice cream. Then then took it home and plugged it in to recharge in the garage.

Welcome to the future, I guess?

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