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1. Apparently there's a BEETLEJUICE musical now?

2. Beetlejuice is bi in it?

3. It has spawned MASSIVE SHIPPING WANK.

... talk about a monkey's paw, yikes.

(Beetlejuice's cartoon incarnation, with his high heeled boots, long hair, and fluctuating voice was probably my, like. Five-year-old self's first brush with gender ambiguity. It was Very Formative...)

oh yeah, clip studio paint is on sale, y'all :clip_studio_paint:

50% off for like the next week i think

i'm not employed by them or get anything for talking CSP up but i do highly recommend it as a drawing program


Anyway it was Mum's 69th birthday a couple of weeks ago and it's like... it's *my Mum* for crying out lound... I just... I...

Mobile websites that do that thing where when you scroll down they leave a video in the top third of the screen? D O N O T

Like seriously I don’t get this? Has anyone ever in the history of time ever not just closed this as soon as possible? Who even has the sound turned on on their phone anyway?

Last night I had a dream that Elon Musk was literally a malevolent eldritch horror (detected by my cat who'd hiss when horror!Musk was lurking outside) who wanted to hang out with my husband to tempt him further into the Tesla cult.

When I asked horror!Musk about the cybertruck he admitted it was there to distract people from realising his true Evil Plan (details not specified in the dream).

Then my work PC got a virus (unrelated to horror!Musk... OR WAS IT??!?!?!?!) and the dream moved on.

You know that William Gibson book with the protagonist who's, like, "allergic" to brands? It's only taken like twenty years but suddenly I *feel* her, like, so viscerally. Except for me it's just DisMarWars junk.

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In other, mostly unrelated, news:

I just really, really want a black ceramic mug shaped like a skull. Don't ask why; I just want one.

So I went to the shop in the mall most likely to sell that sort of thing and... apparently it's been converted from a distressed hipster aesthetic stationery shop into yet another dumping group for cheap-ass DisMarWars tie-in crap and I am really quite disproportionately mad about this development.

capitalist media hot takes, uspol 

So we're left with... what, exactly? "Foster media literacy among the public" is a good goal in-and-of-itself... but again it's shifting the locus of responsibility from systemic change onto individual action.

So... I don't know. But I don't like it. *shakes fist at general zeitgeist*

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capitalist media hot takes, uspol 

Obviously there are a lot of individual journalists out there trying to do their jobs in the most "traditional" way possible... but IMO "don't trust the outlet, trust the journalist" starts falling into worse traps than "the system sucks" (individuals can never be the solution to systemic and institutional problems).

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capitalist media hot takes, uspol 

It's like every single outlet now is FOX News, to a greater or lesser extent.

Obviously this is super duper unhealthy for democracy ("foster mistrust in the media" is literally like a bullet point in the fascist playbook) but... I have no idea what a "fix" for it would be, other than the breakup of all current media megaconglomerates.

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capitalist media hot takes, uspol 

Seeing yet another batch of ragingly "why don't Democrats listen to Trump voters more!!!!" hot takes in the NYT and... I think it's pretty clear that any "trust" in the institutions of media outlets is basically dead.

I don't mean journalists as individuals or journalism as an industry. But media outlets themselves are too centralised, too financialised, and too beholden to the interests of the billionaire plutocrats who run them.

Whenever people with Android phones post screen caps that show they use that horrible Comic Sans 2.0 as their system font, I judge them.

I'm not sure how to CW this if I'm honest. It's a picture of a woodpecker that has stuck a bunch of nuts into a tree that is really unsettling to me for some reason 

This picture upsets me in ways that I'm not sure I really understand

Apparently according to some recent study 14% of Australians don’t like Christmas and honestly I feel so seen…

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