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HIM: (racing in) Would you wear a bracelet that says "fuck you" in Morse code?

ME: I mean... yeah, probably?

HIM: Great! (starts tapping at his phone)

ME: Wait... are you clicking on Facebook ads again?

HIM: N-nooooo...

Asses of Corellia.

Also it only just occurs to me I've been getting Corellia and Coruscant mixed up this whole time...

Watching NOS4A2 and Zachary Quinto's Ol' Man Manx voice is just... lol.

extreme adult content 

… I just spent like an hour folding up every plastic bag in the plastic bag drawer.

Adult life is wild.

shameless self-promo 

Aa-aa-aa-and LIESMITH is officially freeeeeeee of KDP Select so now you can either read it online (posting every fortnight):

Or buy it outright:


climate crisis, nsw fires 

So my husband was washing his car, and as he was it was getting dirty again immediately from all the ash falling out of the sky.

Cool and normal.

description of injury to a child 

(I didn't see the injury because they were over the other side of the platform and not facing me.)

Kid was conscious and everything, just bleeding (head-wounds always bleed a lot). Mum and siblings were in total hysterics, though lots of people stopped to help out being reassuring, offering compresses, calling people, etc.

But yeah. Way too much drama for Friday arvo...

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description of injury to a child 

So yeah waiting for the bus and a kid like... stacks himself against the shelter. It's not immediately obvious what had happened until the (quite young) mum just totally starts flipping her shit, in a way that's so OTT it's hard to know whether she was being serious or not.

She was; the kid must've hit a bolt or something and apparently put a "hole between his eyebrows" according to the dude who started calling the ambos.

Her shoulders they cannot rest here, in this place of emotion and of narrative he wants people to think about.

First original thought crime for the new website:

The Haze -

Some reflections on the last few months living in the persistent haze of smoke.

Relatedly: someone really needs to do like an in-depth historic investigation into the origin and spread of the phrases "toed off his shoes" and, even more so, "let out a breath he hadn't known he was holding" in fanfic.

(Yes I am reusing dank memes from yesterday and YOU CAN'T STOP ME!)

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When day zero comes along
You must patch it
The cyber threat is much too strong
Until you patch it
Memory addressing's going wrong
Unless you patch it
I say patch it
Patch it good:

AGDQ 2020 🎮🦖🎉

The A stands for "Animorphs" : 3

I've been watching/listening to these fast fast games while working the last couple days and I wanted to draw Velocity, the good good Nonbinary Raptor mascot of the event. :3

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