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(The thing about Crazy Frog is true, by the way:

The early 2000s were a wild time…)

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… greeeeeeeeat.

Also like nuclear take but maybe giving control of like two thirds of the internet to the company that thought buying the rights to Crazy Frog was a good investment was not, like. That great an idea…

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Boss makes a dollar

I make a dime

That’s why I read sad fanfic and weep in my cubicle

On company time

hot hugos takes 

climate crisis, australia is still fucked up 

Because it was cold and rainy I mad tantan-men and it was delicious and I ate too much and now I need a nap...

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Finally, some good fukkin’ weather.

(I mean it’s totally unseasonable but still…)

FFXIV: HW, minor spoilers 

RPG system where magic has a core-stat/sub-stat split the same way things like physical and mental checks always do.

So like to cast a fireball spell you'd roll like [magic power stat]+[fire ability], or for divination it'd be something like [magic finesse stat]+[oracular ability] or whatever.

… time to forcibly wrench myself out of that January procrastination slump.

You can always tell when a piece of media is written by A Man because they have (cis) women go into an absolute meltdown over literally any kind of injury or pain.

And it's like. Lol. Periods.

Also fandom real talk time you are super, super bad at writing characters that are deaf, particularly lower-case-d deaf characters with partial hearing.

I did yoga last night for the first time in ages and today my body is enjoying reminding me I did yoga last night for the first time in ages…

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hot take 

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GitHub? oh, you mean the Slytherin common room?

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