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so today i randomly found this channel on youtube and like brb never listening to anything else ever again

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This has been Monday Music Morning with Me.

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Also ngl mostly this video was me just freaking out over where I'd heard the "credits song" before realizing it's the freakin' DEATH IN PARADISE theme...

... which is kind of ironic given the song's title is apparently "You're Wondering Now". Here covered by the original Man In a Business Suit Levitating Band itself, The Specials:


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So my mum has discovered those TikToks of kids lipsynching to politician speeches* and she thinks they're like Peak Comedy™️ and it's kind of adorable.

* Apparently The Guardian linked one.

Honestly kind of sad I'm only reading NAKED LUNCH now in this the year of our dark internet 2020, after decades of being scarred by being Very Online.

Like if I'd read this as a thirteen year old as is obviously intended it would've blown my fuckkin mind man.

So there's a mission in SECRET WORLD LEGENDS where you have to treat various patient illnesses and



too soon game that was made eight years ago


Watching the film of NAKED LUNCH and gosh that veered from "lol it's Kerouac and Ginsberg" to "oh yeah wow that's legit how Burroughs shot his wife irl" uncomfortably quickly...

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like unless you're literally like 15 you can sing in your big girl puberty woman voice it's okay i swear

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seriously tho why is so much Music These Days babytalking vaporwave asthma girls?

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I have been playing video games longer than most of you have been alive. And my goal is to be playing them long after most of you are DEAD BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHA(H) cough sorry what were we saying?

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Also I should point out these chilies survived the apocalypse hail we had earlier in the year so they are definitely Fuck You chilies.

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I made the mistake of sampling one slice before putting one in food (chili con carne) and I had... regrets.

I ended up putting two in the dish itself and I probably could've gone at least two more, because Cooking is Weird.

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In other news I successfully grew chilies and they are… definitely not not hot.

The struggle between "fuck you I don't have to justify what I like to anyone!" and "oooh here is a hashtag-relatable justification of why I like what I like!" is very real.

So I noticed the other day Xkit was kinda breaking on Tunglr dot com and I went to their blog to check and, yeah, apparently it's got to do with the Tumblr dash redesign, they're trying to fix it but time for their volunteers, etc., and...

... and Tumblr send people to contact them to help them get on top of the changes? *And* added a new-dash-opt-out button in settings for people who were struggling without Xkit?

What is this sorcery?!?!

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