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... I'm always absolutely paranoid every single time I do this that it's going to delete every file in iCloud, too.

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Aaah yes That Time Of The Month when iCloud for Window fills C-Drive with garbage files for no reasons and crashes everything...

... I did it! I crafted my Baby's First Ascended Armor!

This design belongs to SWXM ( )!

This was a random Togruta that I started doodling a few months ago and just got around to finishing it up recently. |

#art #mastoart #starwars #spacelingart #lididkovsky

i kno it's gonna b 4am but yesterday i randomly decided to design Pokemon Team outfits for my character and holy heck I wanna do this all my life now, I haven't had this much fun since a while!

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #OCs #Miriverse

I have started watching THE UNTAMED again after... not doing that for a while (mostly just for time reasons), and I am pleasantly surprised with myself that I have indeed managed to remember who everyone is, because holy hells that confused me for a *long* time.

(I still kind of get Fan Guy and Sick Brother mixed up, since they both have a kind of similar shtick---at least in these early episodes---but it's way, way easier now everyone is back to dressing in their own clothes.)

Hey everyone! The official trailer for Onyx Equinox, the Epic Mesoamerican Fantasy Crunchy Roll original is our NOW! I worked on this show so check it out If you can and let me know your thoughts in the comments or on discord!

¡El avance oficial de Onyx Equinox, la épica fantástica Mesoamericana de Crunchy Roll ya salió! ¡Trabajé en esta serie así que héchenle un ojo si pueden Y díganle lo que piensan en los comentarios o en discord!


(Also how is there no :mothman: floating around in Fedi somewhere? If you wanna make one hmu with examples and rates. Fedi needs Mothman!)

Actually I think it's because I'm so used to hearing different *parts* of the song in different mashups that they sound disjointed when they're back together again?

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tfw you're so used to hearing a song in a mashup you finally hear the original and think "wow a new mashup"

Put too much beetroot in last night's soup and it turned out looking kind of like pureed horror movie victim, particularly since the only "solid" bits in it are white beans. Eating it with sour cream really makes me fauxstalgic for Ze Olt Kountree, though.

Changes to Ao3 include:
- User muting and blocking (finally!)
- Letting users turn off comments or freeze comment threads
- improving collection search
- better admin tools

Stuff still under discussion for Ao3 include:
- changes to the code of conduct
- changes to how content warnings work/which content warnings are offered

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Also true story my husband’s high school friend once said she would do a painting for him and he described what he wanted without telling her what it was and tl;dr that is why we now own this:

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