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a friend is writing a fanfic and needs to hear from contact lens wearers who fuck

poll: do you keep your contact lenses in during sex?


ngl I unironically love this song and it's quite possibly the root of my soft sport for the "orchestral rap" subgenre.

So... is anybody interested in a homebrew TTRPG? It's a little rough, but I'm working on a core system that should be adaptable to multiple settings/genre. It should (I hope) have player-GM co-op narrative with interesting tactical combat if that's your thing, and simple throwaway combat if it's not. It's in an alpha state right now, but it's playable and (I think) interesting as it stands. Inspiration comes from Storypath/Storyteller, and a dozen other places. Not newb friendly (yet).

In other news I know the Dolarhyde "transformation sequence" stuff in HANNIBAL s3 is support to be all eerie-slash-erotic and whatnot and don't get me wrong it totally would be if not for the fact that the only thing my goddamn brain wants to sing over the top is:


... oh no wait they're using Zoom for panels, not Discord (which is just for "socializing").

Well. Yeah okay that's it for realisies then. No way that garbage app is happening so... bye bye $400 Worldcon membership, I guess?

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... also they have no obvious way to contact tech support without watching like a fifteen minute video first?

Like I know The Virus fucked everyone up and they didn't expect to have to do this but come ON.

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"You must use the email address you signed up to Worldcon with to access our Discord."

... welp guess I'm not attending Worldcon this year because no one bothered to learn how OAuth is supposed to work. GG guys.

Finally getting around to watching s3 of HANNIBAL and… probably not a super original observation but yeah this is basically a vampire story with no vampires hey.

sweetness levels are 24% and steady

(24%) ■■□□□□□□□□

I may have broken up with WoW
but at least i know Vol'jin World of Warcraft would never hurt me

( My twin made this plush btw 👀 )


Well. I finished off my lazy-round map complete on my Necro (basically doing everything that didn't need a jumping puzzle, etc.), and... uh. Now what?





AU pool so far:
Fate series (Type-moon)
The Sentinel
Disco Elysium
John Wick
The Walking Dead
Mob Psycho 100

First round started! Feel free to draw/talk/write about your favorite character/ship/fandom in these AUs.
(Meanwhile fandoms can still be dropped to AU pool by commenting)

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so yeah last night I stayed up until 3am reading a 100,000 word WiP fanfic that hadn't been updated since 2012 and it's like how dare the author not finish this spoiler alert the author was me


Watching different orchestras performing "Dies Irae", as you do on a Saturday night, and special big shout-out to the dude at the end of this performance just going fuckin' OFF on his timpani (?).

Round 1 a person pick a fandom universe from the pool, (let's say it's MCU,) and then they can draw/talk/write about their favorite character/ship/fandom (e.g., SPN) in MCU AU (what kind of heros would they be?)

then SPN goes into the pool for round 2, and in the next round people will talk about their characters in SPN AU.

If you are interested and want to make friends, please don't hesitate to join and stay tune! You can write your fandom down in the comment!

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欢迎来到 #设定交换AU 活动!


第一轮大家可以任意选择一个背景,打 #设定交换AU#FandomAUExchange tag,然后聊聊自己喜欢的作品(比如《极乐迪斯科》)的JOJO AU会是什么样的情景?



请想要参与的人收藏本嘟,在嘟串中评论留下一个作品投入AU池!本次活动想要尝试和隔壁站 联动(如果有人的话 :rab_grateful: ),所以请留下作品的时候也留下作品的英语(或日语)名字。

感谢 @Nanabiubiubiu 和嘟友们提供的灵感!

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