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TFW you re-enter an old fandom after a long break, find it oddly deserted, and wonder where everyone went.

Then you see them. On the horizon still, but approaching fast:

The Discourser.

ME: So Mum got bitten by the cat and had to get admitted to hospital.

HIM: (boggling) ... by the what?

ME: The cat.

HIM: Oh thank god I thought you said she got bitten by your Dad.

To this day I get those, like. Two bars of "I Wanna Marry A Lighthouse Keeper" stuck in my head...

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In retrospect, watching THE MAXX at an impressionably young age was tremendously formative...

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artificial intelligence levels are critical

(95%) ■■■■■■■■■□

Update: Korean spicy death noodles still pretty spicy.

haunting of bly manor, very minor spoilers i guess 

So I watched the first couple of eps of BLY MANOR and, like, knowing literally nothing about the source material I feel Au Pair Lady is being way too hard on Glasses Ghost.

It never even does anything to her! Just wants to hang out and chill! Stop being so mean to Glasses Ghost 2020!

hashtag small-scale social media problems

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... aurgh apparently all emails have been going to spam for, like. Ages. And I only just noticed.

So, like. Apologies to anyone who's been sitting in the mod queue for weeks. D:

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STARTUP IDEA: Website called "Scruffy or Fluffy?" where I just post a picture of my dog every day and you vote on whether or not he needs to go to the groomer yet.

... also I can't believe I can't find the videoclip to this song. It used to be *all over* the place.

... Also also I should watch BULWORTH.

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And, like. This is in a serif font so it’s REALLY OBVIOUSLY not the right character… o_O

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Reading this fic and its all like completely normal, grammar fine, English fine, formatting fine…

… except every. Single. Instance of “—“ is instead “ー” (the Japanese long vowel character).

It’s just… wut?

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