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Love it when the aquarium filter's flow stop valve thingie doesn't work and I have to panic scream "GET THE BUCKET!!! GET THE BUUUUUUCKEEEEEEET!!!!" across the house to my deaf husband before the entire 220L tank empties itself out onto the floor.

Ironically this was prompted by trying to do some maintenance rather than buying a whole new filter but, uh... Maybe...

Timeless fashion accessories for any outfit:
- horns
- tail
- more eyes (odd number)
- bioluminescent tongue.

One of the things I have learnt this month is that apparently in America peaches come from Georgia.

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heroism levels are critical

(08%) ■□□□□□□□□□

In other news I dreamed about a watching a review for a new videogame that looked really awesome and so I forced myself awake to play it then when consciousness dawned realized it didn't actually exist.

I still can't spell "rhythmn" though TAKE THAT MS. WHATEVERYOURNAMEWAS!!!

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The only time I ever got a B in English at school was in year 8 when we had a teacher than insisted on giving us weekly spelling tests.

I will never forgive her for the shittiest class I ever had and also the ability to spell "restaurant" and "yacht".

Pool yes. Giant blue murderbucket no thank you.

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Anyway I have successfully returned from my luxury tropical island resort holiday without going into the ocean once.

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Me: *trying to write actual plot*
My brain: "Can you call a submissive werewolf a subwoofer?"


ME: *wakes up at 3am to do doomscrolling*

… oh. Well. Guess not so much, huh?

UPDATE: The lady who just gave birth and is still recovering from her c-section in the hospital literally just saved my Drard from falling in the lava and dying with a last second Dimension Door.

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DnD tonight is two of us dialling in from the beach resort, and another two from the maternity ward.

No excuses for skipping DnD. None.

Finding out world news from freaking Destiel shitposts on Tumblr truly we have reached Peak 2012.

There is a power point right next to this recliner and aw yis so much fishing in FFXIV is going to be getting done…

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