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... how did I manage to start knitting the project the wrong way around the circle?

I guess now it has a little notch in the collar. As a treat...

The drinks menu at this restaurant sounds like a D&D party…

So anyway guess who apparently managed to bend their tailbone in a way it’s not supposed to go and now has to go to the BONE DOCTOR to talk about getting BUTT SURGERY?

til if you put your palms over your ears and tap the base of your skull with your fingers you can make dr who sound effect noises in your brain

(also it can apparently help with tinnitus)

While you're at it, the Extra Credit Bonus Essay is on: Current Modes of Fandom Discourse Around "Purity" in Media Consumption and Creation Owe Their Roots to the Specific Theological Teachings of Far-Right American Evangelical Christianity and Attempts to Impose Them as Universal Moral Precepts are American and/or Christian Cultural Imperialism (Discuss).

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Anyway tl;dr this discussion has brought me to the conclusion that everyone in fandom needs to read and write at least one essay analyzing the themes of 1984 before being allowed to write any Thoughts On The Internet about what people are "allowed" to ship or whatever because, seriously. People.

George Orwell died like seventy years ago and he still S A W Y O U

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Why isn’t cancel culture cancelling all my meetings is what I want to know

old book discourse, sexual assault 

Okay real talk time, though: I keep seeing the disc horse accusing the novel 1984 of being “rape apologism” and as somewhat who read it relatively recently… wut?

Like, sincerely: wut?

*late 90s/early 2000s weeabooism intensifies*

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Today in "random songs I've had stuck in my head for the last week for no reason":


Pop culture thinking "smart people" collect PhDs like deadwood IT workers collect CISCO certs is a whole Mood.™️

I was supposed to go to the day spa today, too. I booked that ages ago and was looking forward to it but NO now apparently I have to CANCEL and be SICK instead. Bleurgh.

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Do I Really Have To Go To the Covid Center For The Second Time This Month: A Dilemma.

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Bolting awake at 3am for the specific purpose of having the thought, "Fuck I'm getting sick AGAIN?" then being too angry about it to go back to sleep again.

Whatever this throat infection shit I've got going on is I'd like it to get the fuck fucked now, pls.

Also pleased to announce the Wankaway Empire is going well.

(Yes yes I am massively cheating... how else to test the "massively cheat" mod I made!)

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... ah yes the one region in the game everyone who works in IT immediately wants to obliterate off the map.

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