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… guess who just choked on tea for no reason and spat it all over her laptop and monitors? And now can’t stop coughing which is totally socially acceptable in 2021?

Yeah. Today’s off to a great start I see.

… oh no I’m getting ideas for decorating an FC room.

Send help.

Update: Chew successfully consumed with zero choking.

Dog's beard now completely feral, with spit and half-chewed chew, though.

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gross animal bodily functions 

If he survives this phase, the next will come in six-to-twelve hours when we find out (the hard way) whether or not it upsets his stomach and gives him violent diarrhea...

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Gave my dog a new teeth chew thing and giving myself multiple heart attacks supervising him try and eat it without choking himself.

He's fine so far, but he has a long soft palette (... whatever that is, apparently it's a common Breed Problem) and is a food gulper. So I've had a non-zero number of incidents of finding him choking on the floor because he tried to swallow something too big for him.

Anyway if anyone knows of anyone/anywhere that makes good quality leather cross-body handbags for goths, let me know.

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“Vegan leather” no it fucking isn’t, it’s PLASTIC. The word you’re looking for is p l a s t i c.

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So the metal fastener on my bag just… snapped off the other day in the grocery store. It was always a pretty cheap bag, but it looked cool, but I think it’s now probably Time to try and replace it with something that will actually last longer than a year?

Which is the prelude to saying: Nothing makes you realise the con job of white veganism like trying to shop for leather goods.

I made really good soup for dinner and honestly I feel this should be more widely acknowledged

Like it's obviously not going to scale indefinitely, but also for now the ol' Acorn Bomb + 1k Needles combo just.... absolutely shreds just about everything so gg.

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:ffxiv_blu: Using my Blue Mage to grind leves for Venture tokens, and ngl killing sabotenders with their own 1000 Needles ability is so fucking satisfying.

Contentious Discourse but also genuinely curious whether The Youths these days know the origin and/or original meaning of the term "kin" or they think it's just a synonym for "stan"/"project onto"/"am a big fan of."

Also, while I’m on this subject, again it’s only going back and re-doing Duties solo that I’ve noticed the hard-mode versions aren’t just “the same but harder” but actually, like, continue the story of the area and react to you having cleared them the first time. Which is a nice touch.

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But MMOs findings ways to incorporate some of their more “gamey” mechanics into their actual lore is a particular weakness of mine, so…

(For e.g., SECRET WORLD does this for character death as well, and really brutally in places, which one of the reasons I love it so.)

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I confess I kind of… blew through most of ARR’s story without really paying much attention to it (it is, uh… not the best, and leans a tad too heavily into having played XIV v1.0 to establish plot and characters, which can make it a bit incomprehensible in places), but I might go back and New Game+ it at some point and actually read all the quest text this time…

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And in other news, running solo Tam Tara hard-mode made me realise for the first time that the whole “when you die in-game you res at the nearest big crystal thing” isn’t just a game-mechanic; your character actually canonically can’t die, and other people in the game world know this (but don’t know why it happens).

Also the Duty’s plotline is just… so messed up?

Need a rich patron to let me decorate their house, TBH. I’ll do it for free so long as you provide the items/gil, even!

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